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Morpheus Style Mechanical Mod Clone $26.32

This clone has taken quite a long time to come around. I almost get the feeling that now there are more clones available now than original mods. That discussion is for another day, let’s look at this beautiful Morpheus clone. The styling very much alike the classic Caravela mod. Everyone likes the looks of the Caravela, but this mod has some really nice details that really make this mod stand out.

Solid tubes are always my preference

Solid tubes are always my preference

With this mod you get three thick and beautiful solid tubes to accommodate your 18mm batteries. I have read that the tubes on this mod are particularly thick and will probably shave off any stickers there are on your batteries. The simplicity of this mod is very alluring. There are no intricate moldings, no grooves, and no magnets. This is a clear and simple device and with practice it should perform very well.

The button says "Vaping Innovation," a bit ironic for a clone

The button says “Vaping Innovation,” a bit ironic for a clone

Let me address the elephant in the room. There are some complaints about the design of this mod. The extra tight battery fit and the button venting holes are a bit wonky. The battery ventilation’s purpose is to release the pressure created in a catastrophic battery failure. When a battery fails it discharges either gas or liquid depending on the composition, and that stuff needs somewhere to go. Without an exit, and with enough pressure the mod can potentially become a pressure cooker. The great Steammonkey recently reported his tests with sealing up mods and causing battery failures and claims that IMR batteries will not cause an explosion, although they will heat up considerably. Better safe than sorry though. I have read that the venting issue with this mod can be remedied with a little doctoring of the insulators in the switch. I have ordered many mods before that required a little tinkering to optimize performance so I wouldn’t toss this one aside just yet.

To me the logo looks like a racing helmet.

To me the logo looks like a racing helmet.

At 22mm thick this mod falls right into the standard size and should look excellent with a Kayfun or any other 22mm atomizer. The contact pins are copper which is one of the preferred materials. There are ample insulators in both the top cap and the switch to help prevent shorts. The locking ring is reverse threaded so there is no worry of taking the switch off when trying to lock the mod. Overall I would say this is a very nice and attractive mod, and would be great for an intermediate level vaper.

Here is what Fasttech is saying about it (not much):

  • Tube style mod
  • 510 threading connection
  • Copper contact pins
  • Adjustable positive contact pin
  • Spring-loaded bottom firing button, w/ reverse threaded locking ring
  • Each tube is engraved with the logo and serial number
  • Houses single 18350/18500/18650 battery

Get yours here: http://www.fasttech.com/products/1744003



Price Drop, The Nemi Clone $30, on Short Preorder

I’ll keep this short and sweet rather than repeating myself about this mod. The Nemi Clone, or as it is also called The Mini Nemesis Clone is starting to pop up at online vendors now. This is the lowest price I’ve seen on this sleek 14500 mod, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up having the same prices as the Nemesis clone once these are in stock. Here we have 3 variations of the mod available; brushed stainless steel mixed, polished stainless steel mixed, and copper with steel accents. The copper version costs $3 more than the steel versions at $33. The details are still unconfirmed, but I would assume this has a spring loaded switch, and no extension tubes, much like the models I’ve spotted elsewhere.

Back again with a lower price and a new finish.

Back again with a lower price and a new finish.

Any user that plans on topping this with a rebuildable atomizer should proceed with caution. The 14500 model battery that these “mini” mods use are not rated for as high of a discharge rate as an 18650 or even a 18350. Get familiar with ohms law and make sure to keep your coils at a appropriate wattage for a 14500 battery. Based on the recent popularity of the Kayfun 2.1 clone release I am sure these will be a big hit and will provide a nice alternative to the heavy 26650 mods that have been popping up everywhere.

Get yours here: http://www.kidneypuncher.com/mini-nemesis-clone/

These are expected to ship around 6-5-14 making this a rather short wait for a preorder.

Presenting The Mutant 26650 Clone Mod $49.99

This does not have any indication of being a preorder, this mod already looks ready to ship. The Mutant by Fall Out Mods has been cloned and it looks to be a 1:1 replica of the original. This is a very solid looking 26650 mod that offers some nice variety into the market. Soon not everyone will have to have a Stingray, Hades or Big Nasty clone in order to have an inexpensive 26650 mod. The Mutant mod has a nice look to it and all the features that one could want to find in a mod.

A great looking 26650 mixed combo

A great looking 26650 mixed combo

This mod has all the features I look for in a mechanical mod. There is a magnetic switch which is self contained. The button for the switch is nicely recessed into the brass housing. This is important especially with a 26650 mod. The added weight of the bigger mod will not be able to fire the atomizer when it is stood upright. When you don’t want to worry about having your mods rolling around your desk it is nice to be able to stand it upright without any risk. The laser engraving in the button should nicely preserve as well since it shouldn’t contact any surfaces.

I'm digging the style, but a locking switch might not be necessary here.

I’m digging the style, but a locking switch might not be necessary here.

This mod measures in at 30mm which is a little thicker than some other 26650 mods. Most 26650 mods to date are 28.5mm in diameter, so some atomizers might look a little small on top of this guy. The pins are solid brass, and the 510 is adjustable. There is a nice insulator for the 510 pin. There is some controversy over battery venting in this clone. The original mod vented through the button, but I am hearing from some people that they may have been omitted in the clone.  I think this is a great looking 26650 mod, and it really helps expand the current selection.

Get yours here: http://101vape.com/mechanical-mods/313-mutant-26650-mod-clone.html

The HCigar Templar Mod Clone $49.99

I feel like I am writing about a revived unicorn. The Templar mod was once considered to be unattainable by many. The original Templar mod released and almost immediately sold out, for good. It gradually slipped below the radar to the realm of unavailable mods. Vapers went ahead and crossed this off their wish lists as it went to join the Swan, the Wizards Apprentice, and the Caravela on overpriced ebay and forums listings.

The holiest of clones

The holiest of clones

Gone is the purple velvet clad box and $245 price tag. Now for a fraction of the price you can get a modernized version of the original. Silver plating has become favored to brass pins for a lower voltage drop. Both the 510 connector and button have had their brass contacts upgraded. Otherwise this mod has all the beautiful design of the original.

Tubes for all 3 popular battery sizes

Tubes for all 3 popular battery sizes

The Templar was known for it’s two tone styling and fancy laser engraving. The original featured serial numbers in roman numerals, I’d expect the same if these clones have been serialized. The laser engraving reads “Sigillum Militum Xpisi” in front of the cross which roughly translates into “The seal of a soldier of Christ.” I am not usually a stickler for engravings, but this is a reference to the knights Templar of the Crusades.

Still looking pretty

Still looking pretty

Here is what the site is saying about it:

  • 100% Stainless Accents Body with Brass Accents
  • No Circuit Board (True Mechanical Mod)
  • Laser Etched Engravings and Logo
  • Laser Etched Indivdualized Serial Number
  • Silver Plated – Button Firing Pin
  • Silver Plated  – Atomizer Contact Pin
  • Adjustable Atomizer Contact Pin
  • Bottom Firing Button with Threaded Locking Ring
  • 3 100% Stainless Steel Tubes for 18350, 18500, and 18650 Batteries
  • 510 Atomizer Connection
  • 23mm Diameter
  • HCigar Carrying Box

Get yours here: http://www.vaperoyalty.com/hcigar-templar-mod/


The Hades Clone Preorder $49.99

The first 26650 mod to be cloned has hit the preorder stage and this is bringing a very interesting twist to the market. 101vape has added the listing for the Hades clone v1 and v2, while they carry the original version made by Fontoon and UVO in their shop as well. I find this very interesting, because now the clone lovers/haters can get together and go Thunderdome style all in one store. 101vape started off selling MVP mods and drip tips, and now they are one of, if not the largest clone suppliers in the US. I’ve always been partial towards their store by seeing their recent rapid growth as it is fueled by low prices and excellent customer service. It’s like you can see the store evolving right in front of us to a one-stop-shop for low prices on clones and exclusive original mods alike. I almost forgot to mention, the Hades clone looks great too.

Everyone loves a fatty

Everyone loves a fatty


Much like the stylish laser engraved negative logo on the bottom button, this mod has its unique features. The most notable feature is the 26650 battery requirement. This is also what makes this release such a big deal, since no other 26650 mechanical clones have been released yet. This is a landmark in the world of cloned mods. The 26650 battery opens a new world of battery capacity, discharge limits and bulbous pocket space for vapers everywhere. Changing batteries mid-day might become a thing of the past.

Fat bottom mods make the world go round

Fat bottom mods make the vaping world go round

There is plenty of venting here for any battery. This mod has silver plated contacts with proper insulators for some heavy exploration. I would only consider carrying this mod vs a box mod with nice output. There aren’t yet many atomizers to nicely round off a 26650 mod. There have been pics of the 26mm Russian, and I’d imagine the two combined could easily last days. I have over extended my spending lately, but I would love one of these, some 26650’s and a proper charger to play around with. Remember not all chargers can work with 26650 batteries, and not all 26650 batteries are proper for vaping.

You can preorder here: http://101vape.com/coming-soon/263-hades-v2-clone-preorder.html

The 4nine by Tarsius Preorder $169.99

I love compact mechanical tube mods, and this one wins the size competition. One thing that still amazes me in the vaping community is the lack of details by some suppliers. I keep trying to get an official height on this mod, but no one has taken the time to just measure one and post it, that I can find. This might be the mod to make you question hybrid atomizers. The top cap on this beauty is solid brass and acts more like an atomizer adapter than a top cap.

Technically excellent

Technically excellent

The most impressive part of this mod is the top cap. This is a new design that threads right around the battery and connects any atomizer to the battery, much like a hybrid mod/atomizer does now. With such a new approach come a few negligible drawbacks. A button top battery is pretty much required. Sure you might be able to get it to work with some workaround, but I wouldn’t recommend it. If you do have the right atomizers, and the right batteries, this mod might be a game changer in top caps.

The rare and elusive new mech

The rare and elusive new mech

I haven’t even mentioned that this mod has a magnetic switch yet. Well it’s also got a strikingly familiar look to the ihybrid pure. The tubing has a seamless 1 piece appearance, that is 18650 mode in the image above. I’ve seen a stainless steel cap for this mod as well as the brass 510 adapter on this mod.

Here is the specs on this mod:

  • Magnetic switch for the firing button
  • Solid Brass Top Cap and Switch
  • Seamless 304 Grade Stainless Steel tubes accommodates 18350, 18490 or 18650 button top batteries
  • Very compact size
  • Engraved / Serialized Button

Expected in stock 3/5/2014 here: http://www.kidneypuncher.com/4nine-mechanical-mod/

Turtle Ship Mod Clones! Four To Choose From at $22-24

I know some people get sick of hearing about great deals from Fasttech, I don’t. Today Fasttech has made a splash with 4 slightly different varieties of Turtle Ship (Geobukseon) clones on their site. This is almost $10 cheaper than the recent listings of this mod, but they are all a bit different. There are two different versions available, each in stainless steel or brass. They are all very similar, and just about identical in aesthetics, besides the engraving on the button, so what’s the difference between the V1 and the V2?

Here's the V1 in ss

Here’s the V1 in ss

The V1 of the clone has a lot in common with the recent Caravela clones that have been on Fasttech. The pins are silver plated bronze for a nice connection just like the caravela as well. The 510 pin appears to be reverse threaded and nicely settled in delrin insulation. The locking ring is reverse threaded as well.

Many changes for something so similar

Many changes for something so similar

The V2 has a similar look, but completely different guts than the V1. Here there are two fat brass contacts each equipped with its own insulator. The V2 features a floating 510 brass pin as opposed to the adjustable version in the V1. The button on the V2 has three battery vents and the distinct adjustable insulator for a snug battery fit. Lastly the V2 does not have a reverse threaded locking switch, which is kind of a downer.

The V2 with its own updated laser engravings

The V2 with its own updated laser engravings

Here is what Fasttech says about the V1:

  • Stainless steel construction (brushed)
  • Top cap with air-channels cut
  • Adjustable 510 center pin
  • Silver plated brass contacts
  • Unique serial number
  • Laser etched logo and patterns
  • Spring-loaded firing switch
  • Reverse threaded locking ring
  • Houses single 18350/18500/18650 battery (batteries sold separately)

Here is what they say about the V2:

  • Stainless steel construction (brushed)
  • Top cap with air-channels cut
  • Floating 510 center pin
  • Brass contacts
  • Unique serial number
  • Laser etched logo and patterns
  • Bottom plastic insulator
  • Spring-loaded firing switch
  • Locking ring is NOT reverse threaded
  • Houses single 18350/18500/18650 battery (batteries sold separately)

The V1 in Stainless http://www.fasttech.com/products/1411/10007432/1624600-turtle-ship-v1-style-mechanical-mod

The V1 in Brass http://www.fasttech.com/products/1/10007432/1624700-turtle-ship-v1-style-mechanical-mod

The V2 in Stainless http://www.fasttech.com/products/1411/10007432/1624800-turtle-ship-v2-style-mechanical-mod

The V2 in Brass http://www.fasttech.com/products/1/10007432/1624900-turtle-ship-v2-style-mechanical-mod