The Hades Clone Preorder $49.99

The first 26650 mod to be cloned has hit the preorder stage and this is bringing a very interesting twist to the market. 101vape has added the listing for the Hades clone v1 and v2, while they carry the original version made by Fontoon and UVO in their shop as well. I find this very interesting, because now the clone lovers/haters can get together and go Thunderdome style all in one store. 101vape started off selling MVP mods and drip tips, and now they are one of, if not the largest clone suppliers in the US. I’ve always been partial towards their store by seeing their recent rapid growth as it is fueled by low prices and excellent customer service. It’s like you can see the store evolving right in front of us to a one-stop-shop for low prices on clones and exclusive original mods alike. I almost forgot to mention, the Hades clone looks great too.

Everyone loves a fatty

Everyone loves a fatty


Much like the stylish laser engraved negative logo on the bottom button, this mod has its unique features. The most notable feature is the 26650 battery requirement. This is also what makes this release such a big deal, since no other 26650 mechanical clones have been released yet. This is a landmark in the world of cloned mods. The 26650 battery opens a new world of battery capacity, discharge limits and bulbous pocket space for vapers everywhere. Changing batteries mid-day might become a thing of the past.

Fat bottom mods make the world go round

Fat bottom mods make the vaping world go round

There is plenty of venting here for any battery. This mod has silver plated contacts with proper insulators for some heavy exploration. I would only consider carrying this mod vs a box mod with nice output. There aren’t yet many atomizers to nicely round off a 26650 mod. There have been pics of the 26mm Russian, and I’d imagine the two combined could easily last days. I have over extended my spending lately, but I would love one of these, some 26650’s and a proper charger to play around with. Remember not all chargers can work with 26650 batteries, and not all 26650 batteries are proper for vaping.

You can preorder here:


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