The 4nine by Tarsius Preorder $169.99

I love compact mechanical tube mods, and this one wins the size competition. One thing that still amazes me in the vaping community is the lack of details by some suppliers. I keep trying to get an official height on this mod, but no one has taken the time to just measure one and post it, that I can find. This might be the mod to make you question hybrid atomizers. The top cap on this beauty is solid brass and acts more like an atomizer adapter than a top cap.

Technically excellent

Technically excellent

The most impressive part of this mod is the top cap. This is a new design that threads right around the battery and connects any atomizer to the battery, much like a hybrid mod/atomizer does now. With such a new approach come a few negligible drawbacks. A button top battery is pretty much required. Sure you might be able to get it to work with some workaround, but I wouldn’t recommend it. If you do have the right atomizers, and the right batteries, this mod might be a game changer in top caps.

The rare and elusive new mech

The rare and elusive new mech

I haven’t even mentioned that this mod has a magnetic switch yet. Well it’s also got a strikingly familiar look to the ihybrid pure. The tubing has a seamless 1 piece appearance, that is 18650 mode in the image above. I’ve seen a stainless steel cap for this mod as well as the brass 510 adapter on this mod.

Here is the specs on this mod:

  • Magnetic switch for the firing button
  • Solid Brass Top Cap and Switch
  • Seamless 304 Grade Stainless Steel tubes accommodates 18350, 18490 or 18650 button top batteries
  • Very compact size
  • Engraved / Serialized Button

Expected in stock 3/5/2014 here:


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