The Erlkonigin RBT Clone Preorder $40

Here is a suave new twist on the “Kayfun alikes.” The Erlkonigin rebuildable atomizer clone is creeping into preorder status at a couple suppliers. Most Kayfun style atomizers are very similar with small differences to customize the vape such as increased airflow, larger capacity, or smaller size. The Erlkonigin appears to have started from the ground up with nice features which have definitely caught my attention. The name might make this atomizer a difficult conversation piece, a quick translation attempt reveals that Erlkonigin is German and means Queen.



I’m really digging the grooves on this mod. The top cap has 4 easy to handle indents to make filling quick and painless. To fill the atomizer you just rotate the cap 45 degrees and two fill holes will be revealed. This sounds like a nice change from the sometimes tedious screwing some atomizers require. There are also more grooves surrounding the 510 connector to make removing the bottom easier as well. The tank has no threading and is held in place by the chimney, much like the Fogger’s design.

Everything looks so smooth, the finish looks great

Everything looks so smooth, the finish looks great

The drip tips for this mod are proprietary, but there is an adapter to allow any drip tip to work. The deck has two nicely elevated posts and the way the wick channel lines up makes building seem very easy on this atomizer. The original Erlkonigin ships with a variety of tanks that adjust the capacity from 6ml to 8ml. For an atomizer that is only slightly larger than a Kayfun (4.5ml,) I am very impressed. I like the way the deck and bottom are designed. The grooved and bottom fed air control are a nice change from the flat and bland bottoms that most atomizers have. The bottom is also very thin, it looks like this atomizer really shines in space management.

Designed for a single coil, but is supposed to have the airiest draw of all

Designed for a single coil, but is supposed to have the airiest draw of all

I have suspicions that this clone is made by Yiloong, the makers of the Fogger. Their Alibaba page has a listing for the Erlkonigin with all the accessories that the original shipped with, this listing says it only includes the plastic drip tip and 6ml tank. For now this atomizer is only available as a preorder, and as per usual I suspect the prices will drop once more suppliers stock up. I am very excited to try this atomizer out myself, and I hope it is sooner than later. Here is what the suppliers site says about it:

  • 6ml Co-Polymer Tank
  • Easy Fill Top Cap by twisting 45 degrees to expose a filling hole.
  • Intergrated AFC in the base
  • Direct Positive Pole Connector
  • Standard 510 threading
  • Proprietary threaded plastic drip tip.
  • Tank is not a structural element. Chimney attached to the top cap to give the unitmore strength.
  • Innovative Wick Guide (Channels) which allows the tank to be vaped completely before the need to refill.

Get yours here:


4 thoughts on “The Erlkonigin RBT Clone Preorder $40

  1. Jan

    So wait, do you have the clone there? Is it good? I saw when the Erlkonigin first came out and it looked awesome, but at $200, pretty expensive for a RBA. $40 is perfect.

    1. Vineyard Vapes Post author

      i do not own one, this is the first I’ve found of the clone being available. As I mentioned this vendor might not be selling the atomizer with all the fixings like the $200 one, but at $40 for the basic package it is still a deal. I’m sure more of these clones will pop up very soon with various amounts of accessories included, probably at lower prices.


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