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Morpheus Style Mechanical Mod Clone $26.32

This clone has taken quite a long time to come around. I almost get the feeling that now there are more clones available now than original mods. That discussion is for another day, let’s look at this beautiful Morpheus clone. The styling very much alike the classic Caravela mod. Everyone likes the looks of the Caravela, but this mod has some really nice details that really make this mod stand out.

Solid tubes are always my preference

Solid tubes are always my preference

With this mod you get three thick and beautiful solid tubes to accommodate your 18mm batteries. I have read that the tubes on this mod are particularly thick and will probably shave off any stickers there are on your batteries. The simplicity of this mod is very alluring. There are no intricate moldings, no grooves, and no magnets. This is a clear and simple device and with practice it should perform very well.

The button says "Vaping Innovation," a bit ironic for a clone

The button says “Vaping Innovation,” a bit ironic for a clone

Let me address the elephant in the room. There are some complaints about the design of this mod. The extra tight battery fit and the button venting holes are a bit wonky. The battery ventilation’s purpose is to release the pressure created in a catastrophic battery failure. When a battery fails it discharges either gas or liquid depending on the composition, and that stuff needs somewhere to go. Without an exit, and with enough pressure the mod can potentially become a pressure cooker. The great Steammonkey recently reported his tests with sealing up mods and causing battery failures and claims that IMR batteries will not cause an explosion, although they will heat up considerably. Better safe than sorry though. I have read that the venting issue with this mod can be remedied with a little doctoring of the insulators in the switch. I have ordered many mods before that required a little tinkering to optimize performance so I wouldn’t toss this one aside just yet.

To me the logo looks like a racing helmet.

To me the logo looks like a racing helmet.

At 22mm thick this mod falls right into the standard size and should look excellent with a Kayfun or any other 22mm atomizer. The contact pins are copper which is one of the preferred materials. There are ample insulators in both the top cap and the switch to help prevent shorts. The locking ring is reverse threaded so there is no worry of taking the switch off when trying to lock the mod. Overall I would say this is a very nice and attractive mod, and would be great for an intermediate level vaper.

Here is what Fasttech is saying about it (not much):

  • Tube style mod
  • 510 threading connection
  • Copper contact pins
  • Adjustable positive contact pin
  • Spring-loaded bottom firing button, w/ reverse threaded locking ring
  • Each tube is engraved with the logo and serial number
  • Houses single 18350/18500/18650 battery

Get yours here: http://www.fasttech.com/products/1744003



The HCigar Templar Mod Clone $49.99

I feel like I am writing about a revived unicorn. The Templar mod was once considered to be unattainable by many. The original Templar mod released and almost immediately sold out, for good. It gradually slipped below the radar to the realm of unavailable mods. Vapers went ahead and crossed this off their wish lists as it went to join the Swan, the Wizards Apprentice, and the Caravela on overpriced ebay and forums listings.

The holiest of clones

The holiest of clones

Gone is the purple velvet clad box and $245 price tag. Now for a fraction of the price you can get a modernized version of the original. Silver plating has become favored to brass pins for a lower voltage drop. Both the 510 connector and button have had their brass contacts upgraded. Otherwise this mod has all the beautiful design of the original.

Tubes for all 3 popular battery sizes

Tubes for all 3 popular battery sizes

The Templar was known for it’s two tone styling and fancy laser engraving. The original featured serial numbers in roman numerals, I’d expect the same if these clones have been serialized. The laser engraving reads “Sigillum Militum Xpisi” in front of the cross which roughly translates into “The seal of a soldier of Christ.” I am not usually a stickler for engravings, but this is a reference to the knights Templar of the Crusades.

Still looking pretty

Still looking pretty

Here is what the site is saying about it:

  • 100% Stainless Accents Body with Brass Accents
  • No Circuit Board (True Mechanical Mod)
  • Laser Etched Engravings and Logo
  • Laser Etched Indivdualized Serial Number
  • Silver Plated – Button Firing Pin
  • Silver Plated  – Atomizer Contact Pin
  • Adjustable Atomizer Contact Pin
  • Bottom Firing Button with Threaded Locking Ring
  • 3 100% Stainless Steel Tubes for 18350, 18500, and 18650 Batteries
  • 510 Atomizer Connection
  • 23mm Diameter
  • HCigar Carrying Box

Get yours here: http://www.vaperoyalty.com/hcigar-templar-mod/


Innokin iTaste 134 Mini $80

This is an unusual post for this site, but I have a soft spot for this mod. Ever since I first saw the 134 I imagined owning my own self defense/vaping device. The original 134 did not really offer any real breakthroughs in vaping technology. It hardly pushed the bar in performance or features. It isn’t even very practical, but it isn’t meant to be. The behemoth that is the iTaste 134 has been made somewhat practical and turned into the 134 mini.

The whole ensemble, I probably just want the case

The whole ensemble, I probably just want the case

The iTaste 134 brings together the features of a variable wattage mod with the size and convenience of a miniature blunt weapon. When I travel I probably would leave this mod at home. I can only Imagine the discomfort I would have trying to bring this through a security checkpoint. The design is inspired by a minigun of some sort. I gotta hand it to this self described vaping weapon, it looks cool and has a nice set of basic features.

It's all in the details.

It’s all in the details.

This is not exactly a shrunken down 134 from what I can tell and that might not be a bad thing. The bottom button has changed, it has been made more flush and it looks like size became somewhat of a consideration. There are nooks on the top handle for the battery tube, I can image that some former users became frustrated with the twist controls while changing batteries. There also appears to be far less screws and this version looks slimmer. Most notably this mod only ships with an 18500 and 18350 tube.

I still looks like a "Mini" weapon to me

I still looks like a “Mini” weapon to me

All features considered, this isn’t a bad starting mod for vapers out there. I know I still wouldn’t mind one to keep on my desk. Unfortunately this mod does not incorporate any of the the high wattage chips we have been seeing lately, but that isn’t what this mod is about. It will fire 1.2 ohm atomizers at a minimum and it looks lethal.

Get yours here: http://shop.vaperev.com/sale/itaste-134-mini.html

The TA-EW Nebulizer, The Mod Of The Future

It’s power is only exceeded by it’s mystery. There are very foggy details coming for a new type of vaporizer. If the information being posted is accurate, it will make all mods obsolete.

I'm not sure what I'm looking at here.

I’m not sure what I’m looking at here.

This mod is being designed in Germany, and they have stifled my researching by keeping the details all in German. I have only found a few mentions of this mod from German forums and am relying on Google Translate to help me.

This mod is stated to have so many new concepts that I don’t know where to start, or what is real for that matter. I’ve read that it uses no wick, and relies on a vacuum system to load the juice from a 10ml cartridge into the evaporation chamber. That’s right the future is coming. Here are some more “details” that may or may not be correct:

  • Powered by a 26650 battery
  • 55 watt output
  • Touch sensitive curved OLED display
  • The screen can display; battery%, liquid level, condition of the heating coil, and wattage
  • Made of stainless steel, aluminum and carbon
  • Made in Germany
  • Expected to be released in the second half of 2014

Some new Info: (Thanks Sheen!)
– 140€ for the aluminum version
– 180€ for the stainless steel version
– 600€ for the carbonfiber version (limited to 100). something with carbon fiber nano tubes. dont know
– it will be build by a german car manufacture but the company name is secret because the patents and trademarks arent save

If anyone has more information about this mod, I am highly interested. I’m trying to keep this as an open discussion for the mod.

Busy Day! The Lunar Mod at Congrevape, Gorgeous!

This is one sexy Mech from V-Creations that is certainly no clone. Featuring a unique design  and a beautiful brass center extender. This mod might break the bank for me. The specs sound great on this $115 mod:

-304 Stainless Steel
-Floating Copper Positive with Adjustable Pure Silver pin
-Pure Silver Negative Pin
-Delrin and O-ring insulators
-Modular Tiger Brass extension sleeves fits 18350/18490/18500/18650 batteries
-Reverse Locking Mechanism
-Recessed Firing Button
-Soft Firing (Pinky Friendly)
-23mm top and bottom diameter, 22mm body diameter
-Engraved and Serialized

Lunar-Mod-Main Lunar-Mod-2

Congrevape is a great crowdfunding source and I have been more than happy with their service in the past.