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Presenting The Mutant 26650 Clone Mod $49.99

This does not have any indication of being a preorder, this mod already looks ready to ship. The Mutant by Fall Out Mods has been cloned and it looks to be a 1:1 replica of the original. This is a very solid looking 26650 mod that offers some nice variety into the market. Soon not everyone will have to have a Stingray, Hades or Big Nasty clone in order to have an inexpensive 26650 mod. The Mutant mod has a nice look to it and all the features that one could want to find in a mod.

A great looking 26650 mixed combo

A great looking 26650 mixed combo

This mod has all the features I look for in a mechanical mod. There is a magnetic switch which is self contained. The button for the switch is nicely recessed into the brass housing. This is important especially with a 26650 mod. The added weight of the bigger mod will not be able to fire the atomizer when it is stood upright. When you don’t want to worry about having your mods rolling around your desk it is nice to be able to stand it upright without any risk. The laser engraving in the button should nicely preserve as well since it shouldn’t contact any surfaces.

I'm digging the style, but a locking switch might not be necessary here.

I’m digging the style, but a locking switch might not be necessary here.

This mod measures in at 30mm which is a little thicker than some other 26650 mods. Most 26650 mods to date are 28.5mm in diameter, so some atomizers might look a little small on top of this guy. The pins are solid brass, and the 510 is adjustable. There is a nice insulator for the 510 pin. There is some controversy over battery venting in this clone. The original mod vented through the button, but I am hearing from some people that they may have been omitted in the clone.  I think this is a great looking 26650 mod, and it really helps expand the current selection.

Get yours here: http://101vape.com/mechanical-mods/313-mutant-26650-mod-clone.html


Back In Stock! Efest Luc 4 Bay Charger $24.99, Sells Out Quick!

This is the king of all chargers. Even the Nitecore Intellicharger can’t keep up with this beast. The Efest LUC V4 4 bay charger puts out an impressive 2 amps charge rate on a single battery. That makes this the fastest charger, twice the speed of the Nitecore. To be clear, the Nitecore does output 2 amps over all 4 channels, 500mah a channel, but does not have the ability to put 2ah over a single channel like this one does. The LED readout also provides 4 levels of battery charge, while the Nitecore only shows 3. Many stores out there have this for $40, most are $35, this deal takes the cake

That is a nice looking charger

That is a nice looking charger, notice the display shows the battery’s voltage.

This charger takes all common vaping batteries from 14500-18650’s. In case you can’t handle the power, this does have adjustable power settings as well. Comes with a car charger for the vaper on the road. Here is what Triangle Vape says about it:

  • AC input Power 100-240V 50/60Hz
  • AC output Power DC 12V 2A
  • DC input Power DC 12V 2A
  • 0.5A CC current 500mA ± 5%
  • 1A CC current 1000mA ± 5%
  • 2A CC current 2000mA ± 5%
  • Auto cut-off voltage 4.23V ± 0.05V
  • Compatabile batteries 10440/14500/14650/16340/16650/17650/17670/17350/18490/18500/18650/22650
  • Car adapter
  • Independent channels, 2A uses only channels 2 & 3
  • Selectable amps: 0.5A, 1A or 2A

Get yours here http://trianglevape.com/efest-luc-v4-4-bay-charger-w-car-adapter/


The Kayfun Lite Plus 28.5mm Clone Price Drop, $29.99

I got a few more details and a new lower price for this massive RBA. This is the first of many 28.5mm RBA’s we will see in the new future and it is very nice to see the price is the same as the 22mm counterpart. More suppliers are offering preorders for this atomizer, and I’d assume this is as low as the price will get from a U.S. vendor.

Big atomizers give big flavor

Big atomizers give big flavor

The estimated capacity for this atomizer has grown. I previously stated that it is around 8.5mm, this vendor says it is over 10ml. The clear tank is also included. It is not very descriptive but I would assume they mean the window section, and not a whole 1 piece clear tank. The drip tip is interchangeable with a standard o-ring design.

Standard drip tip and a very long chimney

Standard drip tip and a very long chimney

Here is what 101vape is saying about it:

  • Stainless rebuildable atomizer
  • Vacuum system
  • Huge and pure vapour
  • Change coil and make different resistance
  • Air flow control screw on bottom
  • Capacity: more than 10ml
  • 28.5 mm in diameter
  • Clear Tank also included in package

Get your preorder here: http://101vape.com/coming-soon/306-26650-kayfun-lite-plus-by-tobeco.html 

Another 26650 RDA, The Stillare 26650 Clone Preorder $19.99

Another topper for all the new 26650 RDA’s, the Stillare RDA has been cloned and released in 26650 size. Everyone prefers to have a flush fit for their atomizer and with all the wider mods hitting the market there is a demand for 26650 atomizers. So far we have seen a couple options for the 26650 mechs, but this is just the start. Soon enough there will be more options and plenty of choices for the 26650 users out there.

The Stillare steps into the selection of 28.5mm RDA's

The Stillare steps into the selection of 28.5mm RDA’s

The Stillare is a rather simple, but high performing RDA. The air flow control on this mod is offered by a set of slits in the outer sleeve which align with another set in the chamber. This AFC system offers great variety for fanning out plenty of air over a dual coil setup. I particularly like these designs as they tend to offer more airflow than is needed so there is no need to alter or drill out the RDA at home.

The posts are gold plated in case there are concerns about brass

The posts are gold plated in case there are concerns about brass

I expect to see many more 28.5mm versions of popular atomizers in the near future. Personally I am holding out for a dual coil tank system, but for the dripper fans you can’t go wrong with the Stillare.

Get yours here: http://www.vaportekusa.com/stillare-26650-clone-by-tobeco-pre-order/

Coupon code “5off” should still provide a nice %5 discount.

The Big Kayfun Lite Plus Clone Preorder! $35.99

Without warning they are here! The Big Kayfun Lite Plus is now available for preorder and this is some big news. Currently in vaping the consensus has been made, bigger is better. In the past year we’ve seen bigger batteries, bigger air flow and now finally bigger Kayfuns. In the whole sense that more is better, 26650 mods have lately taken off and vapers everywhere have been enjoying longer battery life from their mods. Now they can cap it off with a flush fitting 28.5mm atomizer.

Making the Hades look smooth

Making the Hades look smooth

Now the Kayfun Lite Plus has what I would consider more than a day’s capacity. The site lists this as holding 8-8.5ml. I have been hesitant of 26650 mods due to their size. I’m used to carrying around an 18650 mod, but the extra width of a 26650 mod has always put me off. Now we are seeing an expanding selection of 26650 mods, as well as 26650 atomizers, and I am now definitely interested.

No pics of the deck yet, but this looks to be a dead on enlarged clone

No pics of the deck yet, but this looks to be a dead on enlarged clone

The Kayfun Lite Plus is the premiere Kayfun style atomizer. The latest rendition is still favorable to single coil builds. The airflow has been greatly improved since the original Kayfun. One concern I have is about the juice flow system. Can you really just make an atomizer bigger and have it perform the same?

Who other than Tobeco

Who other than Tobeco

Hopefully this is the start of the enlarging selection trend. I am a fan of flush fitting atomizers. It really makes a mod feel more solid and greatly improves the aesthetics of a mod. Maybe in the near future we will see more styles for this mod, maybe nanokits, or maybe a 26650 Aqua variation. With the direction things are going I wouldn’t be surprised. Clone manufacturers have really started blazing their own trail here and it is really improving selection.

Get yours here with coupon code “reddit10” http://www.eciggity.com/big-kayfun-lite-plus-clone-by-tobeco-28-5mm/

The Big Nasty Clone Preorder $34.99

Again with the 26650 mods. Here is The Big Nasty mod with its tasteful design and tough stainless steel exterior. Lately there has been a shortage of the originals of mods and the cloners are pumping out their renditions to fulfill the gaps in supply. This is not the first Big Nasty clone to hit the market, but it is the closest to a 1:1 replica that I’ve seen.

Probably the nicest 26650 clone to date

Probably the nicest 26650 clone to date

Probably my favorite feature of this mod is what is hidden below the switch. This version has a recessed firing button that lies within the frame of the button. This design is to prevent accidentally firing the mod by storing it upright. The button in this version is supposed to be a spring unlike the original’s magnets. I really like the way the top cap tapers down to 23mm. It might look a little weird with a 28mm atomizer, but so far everything I own is 21-23mm which would fit nicely here. All the contacts are copper and they are adjustable. This looks like a winner to me.

Here is what the site is saying about it:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Copper Contacts
  • Adjustable 510 & Negative Pin
  • Deep Cut Air Channels
  • Lock Ring
  • Spring operate switch

Get yours here: http://venerablevaping.3dcartstores.com/Big-Nasty-26650-Mechanical-Mod-Replica_p_403.html

Expected to ship 5-23-14

Coming Soon! The HCigar Mega RDA 28mm Dripper $35.99

Here is what people are waiting for, a 28mm atomizer to go with their new 26650 mods. HCigar is beating the other manufacturers to the shelves and has their own branded atomizer which very closely resembles an Igo-W3 on the inside. Lately HCigar has been branding their own products, like the Hana clones so they might be trying to distinguish themselves from all the other clone makers out there.

Looks kind of like the Omega atomizer

Looks kind of like the Omega atomizer

Here is a nice building space for a quad coil set up. It is unclear if this atomizer has drilled out posts or is made for wrapping coils under the Phillips head screws. One thing is for sure, that is a massive juice well. Considering the added width to this atomizer, that looks like it can hold a lot of drops. There are 2 very large air holes in the base and 3 in the top cap for air flow control. This atomizer is a true all day cloud machine.

Now if only there was a brushed version of the Hades clones...

Now if only there was a brushed version of the Hades clones…

This is probably what is the first of many. I would love to see some bigger versions of the Kayfun or Aqua, but this definitely is a good start. I know there was a 28mm Russian photo leak, but there hasn’t been much news since then, hopefully Kebo beats the cloners to making one.

Check out the site for more details: http://www.vaperoyalty.com/hcigar-mega-rda-28mm/