The Hammer Mod Clone Review.

I originally got on the preorder for this mod the day it was announced. I’ve had mine for almost a week now and I feel cheated, because now anyone can get there’s for the same price and a few places got them in stock. I got mine for $44.99 from 101vape, and at this moment that offer is still available. So far I love my clone. It does have a few quirks though, but none bad enough for any regret. I have the Tobeco version which seems to be the first one to hit the shelves.

Tobeco Hammer Mod Clone.

Tobeco Hammer Mod Clone.

First Impressions

This thing is heavy. I heard many initial reviewers talk about the weight, but it is real. With an atomizer attached I feel like I could bash any of my other mods to pieces. If mods were forced to fight in the gladiator arena, this mod would be Russell Crowe. The whole battery compartment is one solid steel block. It looks great. The mod came in a lackluster package. There is some cut foam holding the 3 pieces and that is all. I didn’t really expect much more than that.

Build Quality

The build quality is excellent. The battery tube could use a revision. While inserting my first battery I noticed that the tube is narrow. I could not fit any of my batteries that have stickers on them into the tube (Ehpro 18350’s.) In addition to being narrow the whole battery compartment in general feels like it could use another millimeter of length to allow the button to be tightened down all the way. That being said I love the concept of the design. Since the battery compartment and compartment housing only have 1 opening there is no futzing around with the contacts. Just toss a battery in, button side down, and tighten the button on and it will work. The lazer engraving is deep and thick and seemingly perfect. The painting on the atomizer plate is the opposite.

The atomizer cap, and its second rate painting

The atomizer cap, and it’s second rate painting

When I received my mod the black paint on the atomizer cap was running down it’s sides. As a fiend for polishing I immediately grabbed some polishing tools and filed that off. I’m not a stickler for details, but my friend even noticed it from a good 8 feet away while I was vaping. When I was changing the tubes I found another small blemish. The ring that holds the tubes/button to the base had crunchy threads. There was a significant scratch on one of the threads that had to be filed off. I was worried this would eventually ruin the threading.

I give it a 6.5/10.


The design of this mod is excellent. The button is nice and crispy and fires reliably. The locking ring works effortlessly. This mod is rather impractical as a pocket mod, but its nice to have for placing the mod into storage. The floating firing pin is worry free and hasn’t given me a single issue. I have multiple atomizers with varying length pins, but I just tighten them down and it fires. Usually a floating pin worries me when compared to a nice adjustable pin like the nemesis clone has. I tested a fresh battery and got a nice 4.19v reading, for a mod of this novelty that is refreshingly good. The mod is very well balanced, I don’t knock this over nearly as much as my tube mods.

The Chammer I preordered from 101vape.

The Chammer I preordered from 101vape. I swear it is standing up on it’s own.

I give it a 9.5/10


This mod looks great and it makes a statement. I love having it on my desk at work with my Russian 91% on it. Even in 18350 mode I can stand it up on its bottom or back. There were some blemishes on the mod when I received it, but to be honest I never received a perfect clone. After a thorough cleaning and a nice few minutes of polishing the mod looked great. The mod is big. Deceptively big. The thin-feeling polished exterior of the mod feels a bit brittle and I’ve noticed it was a bit uneven when I got the mod. My serial number is 0981, I wish it didn’t have the 0 in front. Also I would never drive using this mod, because it looks like I’m smoking weed when I use it.


Next to a Nemesis/R91% and Poldiac/Kayfun Lite, the mods are clones.

For the nice laser engraving, unique design, comfortable weight and finish: I give this mod an 8/10.

Overall Value

Perceived value is an important factor. I paid $47 to get this mod shipped over. There are numerous (clone) alternatives available with the same features in that price range. The strong points for this mod are:

  • The unique and novel pipe design
  • The flexibility for all batteries and 510 atomizers
  • Great performance from the brass floating pin
  • Weight and overall stability
  • Crispy reliable button

I give this mod an 8 Overall. If it is the pipe mod you are looking for… than look no further. You will not be disappointed. The blows all the other pipe mods I’ve tried out of the water. I have always wanted a pipe mod for myself and as a cheap addition to my arsenal I love this little bad ass.

$47.00 shipped from 101vape in stock right now.


9 thoughts on “The Hammer Mod Clone Review.

  1. Tracie

    Nice review. I have been watching and reading everything I can on this mod because I have slowly fallin in love with it. Your review was much more informative then what most of the videos are and certainly better the the writen.

    1. Vineyard Vapes Post author

      Thanks! I prefer written articles as well. They are easier to reference and let people get the information at their own pace. I will continue writing reviews as I purchase new products.

  2. Matt

    I’m new to mechanical mods and don’t own one yet. I currently have a spinner batter and a kanger protank mini 2. What type of tank would i be using if I bought this mod?

    1. Vineyard Vapes Post author

      This mod can use any kind of tank that has a “510” connection. The Protank mini uses an “Ego” threading so unfortunately it will not fit the Hammer clone. Mechanical mods are great, but I strongly suggest familiarizing yourself with IMR batteries and safety before diving in.

      1. Andrew Hodges

        Please could you explain what you mean on the batteries.
        Plus also on the safety of this mod.
        As i only want to use a pro tank or iclear tank on this mod.
        1.8 or 2.1 .
        Is it safe for vaping with these tanks.
        As i donot want any problems.
        At the minute i use the vamo.
        But i love the look of this mod.
        Any info will be great.

      2. Vineyard Vapes Post author

        Hey sorry for the delayed response, I’ve been out for the weekend. The safest batteries to use with any mechanical mod are IMR composite batteries. They are a unprotected litium polymer cell that has a discharge when they short or detect a failure. At your vaping resistance mostly any imr battery would be safe since most 18350 imr batteries are rated to about .9 ohms and quality 18650’s like the sony VTC series are safe even below .3 ohms. I hope that clarifies what you should be looking for, don’t be shy if you got other questions.

      3. Andrew Hodges

        Hi many thanks for the battery info.
        I will stick with the imr batts.
        The other question i was asking is using imr batts.
        Will i be safe using iclear 1.8 tanks on the mech mod.
        Plus will this be safe on mech mod as i donot want to blow anything up.
        Is this 100 percent as there is no protectipn on these mods.
        Pls could you clarify the main danger i need to know
        As i will not be using rebuildable atts or sub ohming.
        I just want to buy the hammer mech mod and use my iclear and i like the lool of this mod
        Many thanks

      4. Vineyard Vapes Post author

        Using a clearomizer like the iclear 1.8 on a mech is relatively safe. The coil is preassembled and that takes a lot of the concern over the coil resistance and shorts out of the way. The only real concern would be the lack of reliability with this mod’s locking ring. I would strongly suggest removing your batteries when storing this mod or when it is not being used. I’ve had an incident myself where I locked the switch, placed this mod into storage and had it fire there until it cracked my atomizer. As long as you check on your mod here and there to make sure the connections are nice and tight, I think you should be fine. Don’t let me scare you, out of the pipe mods I’ve tried it would still be #1 in my book. Hope you enjoy it!

      5. Andrew Hodges

        Many thanks for the great info.
        Got the hammer using imr batteries.
        Using these batts do i also need to use the safety fuse with them.
        As it will fit on battery if you donot thread the adapter ring fully down into the hammer body.
        It gives a little room at the top to put the safety fuse on.
        Then screw the firing top on.
        All conections are tight and secure.
        I also hear that a new spring in brass to replace the one in the mod is better.
        Is this the one on the firing button.
        Or is the chi you clone top better on the hammer.
        Just want it to hit good.
        Look forward for the reply
        Is this ok to use like this.

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