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The Igo-M Clone $11.87

The Igo-M has been cloned, no big surprise there. This clone has most of the features of the original from Youde, and some nice touches that make it very appealing. The most noticeable is the price. The Youde version was priced over $45 and really brought up the expected price of a Youde atomizer. This clone is roughly 1/4 the price of the original and is even cheap for a clone. Maybe in the future the price cutters will carry the Youde at a lower price, but for now this is a nice alternative.

Somewhat different than the original, but the concepts remain the same.

Somewhat different than the original, but the concepts remain the same.

The RDA looks just like it did before if you ignore the bottom. The same width, the same height, the same post design, same materials, they really nailed this clone. The glaring difference is how the Allen screws were replaced by Phillips heads. It also appears there might be a larger gap between the posts than the original. The design has been updated and the new offers for the original include these changes.

Sorry no bottom logo and serial.

Sorry no bottom logo and serial.

Just like the original this mod features a massive AFC, a true cloud machine. There are concerns about leaking, but I believe a moderate level of self control, mixed with the right amount of cotton should make that a non factor.

Here is what the site is saying about them:

  • Compatible with 510 drip tip (drip tip sold separately)
  • Stainless steel posts and 510 center pin
  • No spring on the bottom
  • Laser etched pattern
  • Adjustable airflow control
  • 6 air holes on the casing

Get yours here:


PC Rebuild Day, Sorry For The Break

Hey guys I have to rebuild a few PC’s today including my own and it is inhibiting me from adding content. This weekend should have no shortage of content. I plan on posting a couple reviews in addition to the usual deals and news.

Thanks for reading, I really appreciate it.


Ehpro’s Copper Caravela Clone $50


Caravela now in copper

Whitestagvapor has updated their Caravela selection with a copper clone version of the famous Caravela Mod. Since there never was a copper version of the original, this leads me to believe the cloners are getting creative in a good way. Personally I prefer the brass or stainless version, because they aesthetically match atomizers better. Don’t expect to get your hands on this in the near future. The Preorder is slated to be received Mid January. Here’s the features according to their site:

  • polished Copper 18650 tube (comes with the mod) with gold plated brass end cap and bottom button (some pictures may reflect differently)
  • complete mechanical switch
  • Silver plated copper adjustable center pin
  • fits 18650 batteries, and can accomodate 18350 and 18500 with extra tubes (optional)
  • easy to press switch with updated spring (stiffer than original)
  • 510 connection for standard atomizers
  • Options include a possible second 18650 tube.  You do not need to include that option unless you wish to have an additional one.