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The Kayfun 3.1 clone for $22 back in stock!

I jumped on this special before when it first released and my only regret was not ordering two of these. They are very well constructed and work as well as my Kayfun lite or Russian with just a few minor quirks. It’s currently at 10 days for shipping, but I’d get one while you can. These sold out in a couple days before. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it happen again. I have been very happily using mine and I will post a comparison between this and the alternatives, but in my mind this is the best bargain of them all.

Very close to the real thing

Very close to the real thing


Origin Mod Clone in Stock, $21.15 Stainless Steel

The Origin is a very nice looking mod. Some people would compare it to the Nemesis.

Stainless Steel Origin

Stainless Steel Origin

Specs as per

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Removable top beauty ring
  • Floating 510 center pin
  • White Derlin insulators
  • Laser engraving logo
  • Unique serial number
  • Brass contacts for better conductivity
  • Spring-loaded firing switch
  • Bottom locking ring (is NOT reverse threaded)
  • Adjustable throw on firing button
  • 21mm external diameter
  • 510 threading connector
  • Supports single 18350/18500/18650/18350+Kick/18650+Kick
Origin Mos Clone With Elusive center pin

Origin Mos Clone With Elusive center pin

Nice profile shot of the Origin Clone Mod

Nice profile shot of the Origin Clone Mod. Should be the Tobeco Version.

Personally I prefer an adjustable (silver) center pin to a brass floating one. From what I’ve seen elsewhere the original Origin Mod by UVO Systems features an adjustable brass center pin. Lets hope this is the same.

All we need now is the Aqua

Tobeco's Aqua Clone

Tobeco’s Aqua Clone

The Dome Hybrid Atomizer by Atmomixani

A new atomizer has been announced by the makers of the ever popular Nemesis Mod.

Nemesis Dome Hybrid Mod

Nemesis Dome Hybrid Mod

The assembled dome atomzier

The assembled dome atomzier


Opened up to show the dual post construction and nice wick hole covers


All the parts


From their site:

User can choose mesh hole and change it whenever he wants
Adjustable air angle and control of vapor temperature
Insulated mesh
Control of air flow
Choose of different air holes
Can be set up with double u wick
Regulate decompression of tank system
Tank can be opened for cleaning or liquid change without ruin your set up
Control of vapor temperature

Comes with one glass quartz tube and one ss tube

Comes with two small pieces of Stainless Steel Mesh and 1 m  0.28 Kanthal wire for making coils

Tool and 4 insulators are included

Velvet carrying pouch.

The product is not yet available

Currently priced 150 Euros, or $203.61.

You can read more here

Poldiac Clone Mod Update: Now In All Brass and In Stock $69.99

Since last night Vaperoyalty has updated their Poldiac listing to show in stock. Another surprise was the addition of the all brass Poldiac clone to their page. I prefer the look of the two-tone “Aname” clone, but it can be very fun to buy two and mashup the parts. Who knows, maybe they will post a black Friday deal…

All three sized tubes included!

All three sized tubes included!

Shiny! Give it a day and it will look rustic.

Shiny! Give it a day and it will look rustic.