Presenting The Mutant 26650 Clone Mod $49.99

This does not have any indication of being a preorder, this mod already looks ready to ship. The Mutant by Fall Out Mods has been cloned and it looks to be a 1:1 replica of the original. This is a very solid looking 26650 mod that offers some nice variety into the market. Soon not everyone will have to have a Stingray, Hades or Big Nasty clone in order to have an inexpensive 26650 mod. The Mutant mod has a nice look to it and all the features that one could want to find in a mod.

A great looking 26650 mixed combo

A great looking 26650 mixed combo

This mod has all the features I look for in a mechanical mod. There is a magnetic switch which is self contained. The button for the switch is nicely recessed into the brass housing. This is important especially with a 26650 mod. The added weight of the bigger mod will not be able to fire the atomizer when it is stood upright. When you don’t want to worry about having your mods rolling around your desk it is nice to be able to stand it upright without any risk. The laser engraving in the button should nicely preserve as well since it shouldn’t contact any surfaces.

I'm digging the style, but a locking switch might not be necessary here.

I’m digging the style, but a locking switch might not be necessary here.

This mod measures in at 30mm which is a little thicker than some other 26650 mods. Most 26650 mods to date are 28.5mm in diameter, so some atomizers might look a little small on top of this guy. The pins are solid brass, and the 510 is adjustable. There is a nice insulator for the 510 pin. There is some controversy over battery venting in this clone. The original mod vented through the button, but I am hearing from some people that they may have been omitted in the clone.  I think this is a great looking 26650 mod, and it really helps expand the current selection.

Get yours here:


18 thoughts on “Presenting The Mutant 26650 Clone Mod $49.99

  1. earthnrg

    I just got this and the quality is top notch. Not convinced by the venting though. Virtually non existent.

  2. Vapnfagan

    It says “ome venting holes in the button for the battery” but i don’t see any vent holes on the clone? Only on the Authentic? Might want to update the description and not mislead people. I was about to buy the clone until i noticed it has no vent holes. Think i am going to hold out.

      1. Michael Goldman

        I returned it and got a refund. Now if I really wanted it I could order it from Fasttech for $21.00
        Same exact Mod….

    1. Vapnfagan

      It really looks like a awesome clone and i am wondering how hard it would be to drill some vent holes in the switch or tube. I have never drilled thru brass before. Also, with the way the switch is designed i am wondering if its even possible to DIY your own vent holes like the authentic.

      1. occhaz

        Better to drill through the tube. The button will have a magnet, to which is repelled by another magnet in a delrin plate that sets on the bottom of the battery. The stainless tube might be a bit harder to drill. But its a better location for a vent port.

      2. Vineyard Vapes Post author

        I’d say it is definitely a job for a drill press if you are going to attempt it. I do not think it would be possible to free-hand a hole into that.

      3. Michael Goldman

        Then they made me send a picture of the scratch wait for them to review the picture just to tell me to send it back. That when they get it they will ship a new one to me. This wasnt my mistake. Why should I be put through all that? Not good customer service at all…

  3. Vineyard Vapes Post author

    They should have offered to cross-ship if they requested a photo. For me the wait is always the worst part. I honestly had great customer service with them myself. I ordered an RBA that shipped without the pin and they sent me one at no charge. Just the package they sent me was empty, then they sent me another at no charge.

  4. occhaz

    I hate the adjustable pin on top. I really do. especially when changing to a shorter 510 connection. I think a longer spring loaded top pin would have been a better way to go. I have a small brass nut to keep it in place though.

  5. Thomas

    Was wondering if you knew how to get ahold of the black delrin insilator for the top pin. . Mine is broken . It was sent to me that way.


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