The KSD E-Huge $70.00, In Stock

This mod has made a bit of a buzz lately. People have been waiting for more 26650 mods to hit the market and here is the first variable voltage model. It’s hard to discuss this mod without first looking at the pictures, they really speak for themselves.

The E-huge with it's extender for dual 26650 batteries

The E-huge with it’s extender for dual 26650 batteries

I can’t decide whether or not this mod is practical. Some would consider a mod that can equip dual 3000mah batteries to be a nice convenience, that can last all day. Others would consider this to be a blunt weapon that can double as a walking cane. Whatever your stance may be, this mod is bringing new options to the market, which is great.

Does the storage case have wheels?

Does the storage case have wheels?

I actually have bought a KSD mod before and it did leave a slightly sour taste in my mouth. At least this new model has dual buttons for simpler menu navigation. The Variable Wattage can fire up to 15w which is rather disappointing considering the power. This mod is capable of firing atomizers down to 1.5 ohms which can be slightly restrictive to RBA users. If you are considering picking up one of these mods make sure to get some 26650 batteries and a capable charger. This model does not include the dual battery extension tube, so make sure to pick one up if you want to use this mod in all its glory.

Here is what the site says about it:

  • 3V to 6V
  • 3W to 15W
  • Resistance checker
  • Voltage checker
  • Ego/510 connection
  • Single/Dual mode
  • Stainless steel
  • 26650 battery size

Get yours here:


4 thoughts on “The KSD E-Huge $70.00, In Stock

  1. Doug Davis

    I bought the ehuge single and alittle disappointed not much bigger than the 134 really wish I would have purchased it with extender tube if you decide to purchase make sure to get the dual.

  2. Todd

    I got the whole kit May 5th, Now May 12th, can not get it to turn on. Any ideas where to get a new switch assembly? I Love this mod, lasted all day and more on two 26650 batteries. Yes it is a small weight, to work out with as I vape. Yet it does not die half way through my three hour commute for the day. Love the variable voltage as well, Just ordered a basic unit for a switch assembly, which seems a little extreme.


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