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The Erlkonigin RBT Clone Preorder $40

Here is a suave new twist on the “Kayfun alikes.” The Erlkonigin rebuildable atomizer clone is creeping into preorder status at a couple suppliers. Most Kayfun style atomizers are very similar with small differences to customize the vape such as increased airflow, larger capacity, or smaller size. The Erlkonigin appears to have started from the ground up with nice features which have definitely caught my attention. The name might make this atomizer a difficult conversation piece, a quick translation attempt reveals that Erlkonigin is German and means Queen.



I’m really digging the grooves on this mod. The top cap has 4 easy to handle indents to make filling quick and painless. To fill the atomizer you just rotate the cap 45 degrees and two fill holes will be revealed. This sounds like a nice change from the sometimes tedious screwing some atomizers require. There are also more grooves surrounding the 510 connector to make removing the bottom easier as well. The tank has no threading and is held in place by the chimney, much like the Fogger’s design.

Everything looks so smooth, the finish looks great

Everything looks so smooth, the finish looks great

The drip tips for this mod are proprietary, but there is an adapter to allow any drip tip to work. The deck has two nicely elevated posts and the way the wick channel lines up makes building seem very easy on this atomizer. The original Erlkonigin ships with a variety of tanks that adjust the capacity from 6ml to 8ml. For an atomizer that is only slightly larger than a Kayfun (4.5ml,) I am very impressed. I like the way the deck and bottom are designed. The grooved and bottom fed air control are a nice change from the flat and bland bottoms that most atomizers have. The bottom is also very thin, it looks like this atomizer really shines in space management.

Designed for a single coil, but is supposed to have the airiest draw of all

Designed for a single coil, but is supposed to have the airiest draw of all

I have suspicions that this clone is made by Yiloong, the makers of the Fogger. Their Alibaba page has a listing for the Erlkonigin with all the accessories that the original shipped with, this listing says it only includes the plastic drip tip and 6ml tank. For now this atomizer is only available as a preorder, and as per usual I suspect the prices will drop once more suppliers stock up. I am very excited to try this atomizer out myself, and I hope it is sooner than later. Here is what the suppliers site says about it:

  • 6ml Co-Polymer Tank
  • Easy Fill Top Cap by twisting 45 degrees to expose a filling hole.
  • Intergrated AFC in the base
  • Direct Positive Pole Connector
  • Standard 510 threading
  • Proprietary threaded plastic drip tip.
  • Tank is not a structural element. Chimney attached to the top cap to give the unitmore strength.
  • Innovative Wick Guide (Channels) which allows the tank to be vaped completely before the need to refill.

Get yours here: http://www.gvapers.com/collections/preorders/products/erlkonigin


The Orchid V2 RTA Clone $11.08!

After a much needed personal leave from the site I am back! And what a great time it is to be reviewing the new vaping gear. Lots has changed in my absence and I plan on playing a little catch-up through my articles, but this here is the newest, latest and greatest. Today the highly anticipated V2 of the Orchid atomizer clone popped up for a ridiculously low price. At $11.08 it is cheaper than just about any other rebuildable tank atomizer available and after using the Tobeco V1 Orchid for a couple weeks, I would highly endorse this RTA. Although the design of this atomizer is not perfect, the price and features really make this a great addition to any collection. Here is my review/preview of the Orchid clone. 

4 Channels! 4 posts! 4 pieces!

4 Channels! 4 posts! 4 pieces!

Many Vapers out there would relate this atomizer to the Kayfun or Fogger v4 and they wouldn’t be wrong. I have toiled around with my own Orchid and found many parts to be interchangeable with my army of Kayfuns. The chimney section on this atomizer is wider than the Kayfun’s and is not interchangeable. This puts a bit of a limit on the amount of parts that can be swapped. Personally I don’t care for the plastic tank or top-heavy cap, which lead me to explore every possible combination of tank sections and top caps that would be compatible. Once again I became slightly frustrated with the chimney which I found to be too short to noticeably increase the tank capacity. The sellers claim the capacity is 2.5ml – 3.0ml, but I am finding it to be closer to 2ml. I finally settled on using 1 Kayfun Nano steel tank section paired with a regular Kayfun clear tank and steel band. I chose my flat-cap that came with my Kayfun Lite +v2 to top it all off. 

My personal pocket rocket. Pictured on a 4nine clone in 18350 mode.

My personal pocket rocket. Pictured on a 4nine clone in 18350 mode. This is the maximum capacity the chimney would allow

The new V2 of the Orchid clone features a bottom filling port for those Vapers that hate removing the cap. I have been using the top fill and flip method without many issues. Besides the fill port change, the Orchid V2 clone is the same as the V1. The deck on this atomizer does use allen screws, I would have preferred a Phillips option, but I can live with it. I use my Orchid with a dual coil at .7ohms and I have not had a single wicking or gurgling issue. I use considerably less cotton in my builds, and I would say they are very similar to a Fogger v4 with the cotton running half way down the vertical juice channel. The draw is very airy and the vape might even satisfy some cloud chasers out there. Since I have been using this with the purple 18350 batteries I usually swap the battery each time I fill.  

The new fill port will make some people happy, others have been using the top fill kayfun cap from Fasttech.

The new fill port will make some people happy, others have been using the top fill Kayfun cap from Fasttech.

I paid almost double for my Tobeco Orchid and am very happy with it. If you are looking for a Kayfun with larger clouds you really can’t go wrong at this price. I wish there was a middle ground between the Fogger v4 and the Orchid, just like a Kayfun with the base from this atomizer. 

Here is what the site says about it:

  • Compatible with 510 drip tip (drip tip sold separately)
  • Quad-pole for dual coil build
  • 4 wick channels
  • 2 air holes
  • 510 connection (brass contact, adjustable)
  • Laser engravings on the chimney
  • Bottom screw-refill hole

Get yours here: http://www.fasttech.com/products/1411/10009514/1850901-orchid-v2-styled-rebuildable-tank-atomizer-2-5-3

Stay tuned with the site, I am planning on adding plenty of new content in the near future!

Morpheus Style Mechanical Mod Clone $26.32

This clone has taken quite a long time to come around. I almost get the feeling that now there are more clones available now than original mods. That discussion is for another day, let’s look at this beautiful Morpheus clone. The styling very much alike the classic Caravela mod. Everyone likes the looks of the Caravela, but this mod has some really nice details that really make this mod stand out.

Solid tubes are always my preference

Solid tubes are always my preference

With this mod you get three thick and beautiful solid tubes to accommodate your 18mm batteries. I have read that the tubes on this mod are particularly thick and will probably shave off any stickers there are on your batteries. The simplicity of this mod is very alluring. There are no intricate moldings, no grooves, and no magnets. This is a clear and simple device and with practice it should perform very well.

The button says "Vaping Innovation," a bit ironic for a clone

The button says “Vaping Innovation,” a bit ironic for a clone

Let me address the elephant in the room. There are some complaints about the design of this mod. The extra tight battery fit and the button venting holes are a bit wonky. The battery ventilation’s purpose is to release the pressure created in a catastrophic battery failure. When a battery fails it discharges either gas or liquid depending on the composition, and that stuff needs somewhere to go. Without an exit, and with enough pressure the mod can potentially become a pressure cooker. The great Steammonkey recently reported his tests with sealing up mods and causing battery failures and claims that IMR batteries will not cause an explosion, although they will heat up considerably. Better safe than sorry though. I have read that the venting issue with this mod can be remedied with a little doctoring of the insulators in the switch. I have ordered many mods before that required a little tinkering to optimize performance so I wouldn’t toss this one aside just yet.

To me the logo looks like a racing helmet.

To me the logo looks like a racing helmet.

At 22mm thick this mod falls right into the standard size and should look excellent with a Kayfun or any other 22mm atomizer. The contact pins are copper which is one of the preferred materials. There are ample insulators in both the top cap and the switch to help prevent shorts. The locking ring is reverse threaded so there is no worry of taking the switch off when trying to lock the mod. Overall I would say this is a very nice and attractive mod, and would be great for an intermediate level vaper.

Here is what Fasttech is saying about it (not much):

  • Tube style mod
  • 510 threading connection
  • Copper contact pins
  • Adjustable positive contact pin
  • Spring-loaded bottom firing button, w/ reverse threaded locking ring
  • Each tube is engraved with the logo and serial number
  • Houses single 18350/18500/18650 battery

Get yours here: http://www.fasttech.com/products/1744003


Dual AFC Kayfun Lite Plus V2 By Ehpro $40.50

I try to stop posting about Kayfun clones, but I can’t help myself. With an even longer name than before the Kayfun has been enhanced once again. This new version is a variation of the Kayfun Lite Plus v2, but now there are 2 AFC’s to allow an even airier draw than before. I can see a ton of ways this can improve the latest Kayfun and I will be looking into getting one of these for myself.

There's no way to show the dual air intakes in one image, but you can see the control screws here.

There’s no way to show the dual air intakes in one image, but you can see the control screws here.

This version of the Kayfun Lite Plus looks like it has the classic top cap, and not the nano design that has been making the rounds. I always tried to get a proper dual coil in my Kayfuns, but it never really had the air/juice flow to accommodate the lower sub ohm coils. From the looks of the deck this version should have enough air flow despite the regular looking 510 pin. With sufficient air flow the last concern would be the wicking. When I first saw this listing I was hoping to see 4 juice channels at the deck, but this has the standard 2 channel layout. That does not mean dual coils are impossible, all you have to do is put a one sided wick into each well.

The only picture of the deck I could find

The only picture of the deck I could find

One of the vapers I was chatting with ran into a very interesting problem with a KFL+ that I wanted to point out. This involved a KFL+ and a Stingray. The AFC screw from the KFL+ was very loose when it was threaded onto the mod. The screw somehow loosened further at one point and locked the RBA onto the mod. So take a fair warning and either keep the AFC screw considerably recessed into the RBA or remove it, especially if the mod has a crown.

Don’t forget to use coupon code “reddit10” to bring the price to $40.50.

Get yours here http://www.eciggity.com/dual-airflow-kayfun-lite-plus-v2-clone-by-ehpro/

The Hana Mod Clone 18650 Version $56

I think this is the final form of the Hana clone. There have been minis, DNA20 versions, but now the clone hunters will get their DNA30 version. The main difference between this version and the previous ones to reach the Chinese suppliers is the interchangeable 18650 battery. A lot of vapers such as myself prefer to use their arsenal of batteries rather than being forced to use a built in pack. There are many reasons for this. The battery packs might have questionable compositions which have a possibility of being dangerous. Even though this version has an 18650 installed already, you can pop open the mod and use your own battery. Being able to swap the battery is also nice in a pinch if you don’t have time to charge a 2000mah battery at 500mah.

It shows 30 watts! Hopefully that battery can take it.

It shows 30 watts! Hopefully that battery can take it.

I’ve already gone over this mod like a broken record. They are all pretty much the same with differences to the battery, the size, and the color. The DNA30 chip regulates the output by voltage or wattage and ensures a consistent battery output at any charge level. The initial response from the new owners of these Chinese Hana clones have been great. Sure there have been a few issues with some of the mods, but the majority have been well received. When considering the defective models people have received, just consider the amount of these being sold. There are probably thousands of these mods already shipped out so I don’t think they are doing too bad.

The packaging rivals many snack foods.

The packaging rivals many snack foods.

Here is what Fasttech is saying about them:

  • 510 threaded connector
  • Variable Wattage from 7W-30W in .1 watt increment
  • Body is made of anodized aluminum
  • OLED display shows battery charge state, volts and ohms
  • Powered by single 18650 battery (included)
  • Micro-USB charging port
  • Compatible with 0.5ohm~3.3ohm atomizers
  • Input voltage/current: 3.2-4.3V/1.5-7A
  • Output voltage/current: 4-8V/10A
  • Random serial number

Available in a rainbow of colors here: http://www.fasttech.com/products/0/10007864/1740402-hana-modz-pack-dna-30-style-mod



DNA30 DiY Board Clone $27

This is big news. Finally the DiY community can build a DNA30 mod on the cheap. This deal really enables the vaping community to try their ideas at a homemade DNA30 mod. Up until now the DNA30 boards have been very scarce and difficult to acquire. I was able to get one by staying up all night during the release and I’ve fiddled with a box mod, but I had to treat the board like it was an exotic bird. I was too terrified to really try any variation on the design since I wouldn’t be able to replace the board if I fried it. Now I can really test my skill at soldering and compact design, without much conern for the health of the board. This deal is sure to cause a spark of innovation from the vaping community.

Micro USB charging port included!

Micro USB charging port included!

At first glance this looks just like the kit I paid $60 for. It’s got all the same pin outs and the same standard design. This is sure to cause a surge of demand for Hammond project boxes, Altoid tins and NES controllers. When I attempted to build my own box mod I had a very difficult time finding quality components. The preassembled 510 connectors I tried turned out to be junk, niether of the 2 I bought were near the quality of any of my mods. The battery holders available are also rather lackluster, I’m hoping to see new higher quality components hit the market soon. We might even start seeing preassembled boards with customizeable parts, like a DiY essentials kit, that would be nice.

I wonder if it says Hana when it boots...

I wonder if it says Hana when it boots…

Here is what Fasttech is saying about it:

  • Variable Wattage from 7W-30W in .1 watt increment
  • OLED display shows battery charge state, volts and ohms
  • Micro-USB charging port
  • Compatible with 0.5ohm~3.3ohm atomizers
  • Input voltage/current: 3.2-4.3V/1.5-7A
  • Output voltage/current: 4-8V/10A

Get yours here: http://www.fasttech.com/products/0/10007864/1735400-hana-modz-pack-dna-30-vw-modules

There is a DNA20 available for $2 less, but don’t bother.

The Cats RDA Clone $13.01

Here is a new clone of a very popular RDA that has been a big hit with the multi coilers out there. You don’t have to like cats to like this atomizer. This atomizer features a unique design that encloses the posts within an inner chamber. The air flow runs from the intakes located near the top of the atomimzer into the midsection. This is where it gets interesting. The air is then distributed into 4 opposing holes which should evenly distribute across a nice quad coil. This atomizer also features a conical chimney that has been a growing trend. The shape is supposed to increase flavor by condensing the vapor.

Quite a line up, that's a ton of o-rings for a dripper

Quite a line up, that’s a ton of o-rings for a dripper

From what I’ve been reading this atomizer provides a very unique feeling vape that is one of a kind. The deck is designed for vertical quad coils and has a very fancy positive post. I imagine coil wrapping is very easy with the nicely knurled grip and fat flat head screws. The drip tip gets a lot of attention on this RDA as well. Usually the insulator holds a stainless steel drip tip. This RDA has it the other way around with a very wide barrel Polyoxymethylene (POM) drip tip threaded into the steel base. Drip tip insulators are always a good idea when sub ohming or vaping quad coils. All the added heat will very quickly make a drip tip a bit hot to handle.

That center post is a real eye catcher

That center post is a real eye catcher

Here is what the site is saying about it:

  • Removable 510 stainless steel + POM drip tip (the stainless steel part and POM part are thread-connected)
  • Air flow control ring (4 vent holes on the AFC ring)
  • Stainless steel center post
  • Brass 510 contact pin
  • 510 threading connection
  • Laser etched logo
  • Height without drip tip: 39.5mm

Get yours here: http://www.fasttech.com/products/1/10007917/1730600-cats-style-rebuildable-atomizer