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The Orchid V2 RTA Clone $11.08!

After a much needed personal leave from the site I am back! And what a great time it is to be reviewing the new vaping gear. Lots has changed in my absence and I plan on playing a little catch-up through my articles, but this here is the newest, latest and greatest. Today the highly anticipated V2 of the Orchid atomizer clone popped up for a ridiculously low price. At $11.08 it is cheaper than just about any other rebuildable tank atomizer available and after using the Tobeco V1 Orchid for a couple weeks, I would highly endorse this RTA. Although the design of this atomizer is not perfect, the price and features really make this a great addition to any collection. Here is my review/preview of the Orchid clone. 

4 Channels! 4 posts! 4 pieces!

4 Channels! 4 posts! 4 pieces!

Many Vapers out there would relate this atomizer to the Kayfun or Fogger v4 and they wouldn’t be wrong. I have toiled around with my own Orchid and found many parts to be interchangeable with my army of Kayfuns. The chimney section on this atomizer is wider than the Kayfun’s and is not interchangeable. This puts a bit of a limit on the amount of parts that can be swapped. Personally I don’t care for the plastic tank or top-heavy cap, which lead me to explore every possible combination of tank sections and top caps that would be compatible. Once again I became slightly frustrated with the chimney which I found to be too short to noticeably increase the tank capacity. The sellers claim the capacity is 2.5ml – 3.0ml, but I am finding it to be closer to 2ml. I finally settled on using 1 Kayfun Nano steel tank section paired with a regular Kayfun clear tank and steel band. I chose my flat-cap that came with my Kayfun Lite +v2 to top it all off. 

My personal pocket rocket. Pictured on a 4nine clone in 18350 mode.

My personal pocket rocket. Pictured on a 4nine clone in 18350 mode. This is the maximum capacity the chimney would allow

The new V2 of the Orchid clone features a bottom filling port for those Vapers that hate removing the cap. I have been using the top fill and flip method without many issues. Besides the fill port change, the Orchid V2 clone is the same as the V1. The deck on this atomizer does use allen screws, I would have preferred a Phillips option, but I can live with it. I use my Orchid with a dual coil at .7ohms and I have not had a single wicking or gurgling issue. I use considerably less cotton in my builds, and I would say they are very similar to a Fogger v4 with the cotton running half way down the vertical juice channel. The draw is very airy and the vape might even satisfy some cloud chasers out there. Since I have been using this with the purple 18350 batteries I usually swap the battery each time I fill.  

The new fill port will make some people happy, others have been using the top fill kayfun cap from Fasttech.

The new fill port will make some people happy, others have been using the top fill Kayfun cap from Fasttech.

I paid almost double for my Tobeco Orchid and am very happy with it. If you are looking for a Kayfun with larger clouds you really can’t go wrong at this price. I wish there was a middle ground between the Fogger v4 and the Orchid, just like a Kayfun with the base from this atomizer. 

Here is what the site says about it:

  • Compatible with 510 drip tip (drip tip sold separately)
  • Quad-pole for dual coil build
  • 4 wick channels
  • 2 air holes
  • 510 connection (brass contact, adjustable)
  • Laser engravings on the chimney
  • Bottom screw-refill hole

Get yours here: http://www.fasttech.com/products/1411/10009514/1850901-orchid-v2-styled-rebuildable-tank-atomizer-2-5-3

Stay tuned with the site, I am planning on adding plenty of new content in the near future!


Dual AFC Kayfun Lite Plus V2 By Ehpro $40.50

I try to stop posting about Kayfun clones, but I can’t help myself. With an even longer name than before the Kayfun has been enhanced once again. This new version is a variation of the Kayfun Lite Plus v2, but now there are 2 AFC’s to allow an even airier draw than before. I can see a ton of ways this can improve the latest Kayfun and I will be looking into getting one of these for myself.

There's no way to show the dual air intakes in one image, but you can see the control screws here.

There’s no way to show the dual air intakes in one image, but you can see the control screws here.

This version of the Kayfun Lite Plus looks like it has the classic top cap, and not the nano design that has been making the rounds. I always tried to get a proper dual coil in my Kayfuns, but it never really had the air/juice flow to accommodate the lower sub ohm coils. From the looks of the deck this version should have enough air flow despite the regular looking 510 pin. With sufficient air flow the last concern would be the wicking. When I first saw this listing I was hoping to see 4 juice channels at the deck, but this has the standard 2 channel layout. That does not mean dual coils are impossible, all you have to do is put a one sided wick into each well.

The only picture of the deck I could find

The only picture of the deck I could find

One of the vapers I was chatting with ran into a very interesting problem with a KFL+ that I wanted to point out. This involved a KFL+ and a Stingray. The AFC screw from the KFL+ was very loose when it was threaded onto the mod. The screw somehow loosened further at one point and locked the RBA onto the mod. So take a fair warning and either keep the AFC screw considerably recessed into the RBA or remove it, especially if the mod has a crown.

Don’t forget to use coupon code “reddit10” to bring the price to $40.50.

Get yours here http://www.eciggity.com/dual-airflow-kayfun-lite-plus-v2-clone-by-ehpro/

Kayfun Lite Plus V2 in Blue by Ehpro! $40.49

Things are definitely getting interesting. There are so many spin offs of the Kayfun clones that they are becoming difficult to track. Here we have the latest version of the Kayfun Lite Plus, but now in blue. Following the same path as the Nemesis tube clones, the Kayfun looks like it will become available in more and more colors. Performance wise this is considered to be the latest and greatest of Kayfun clones, and now it has a beautiful blue finish to add some variety to the mix.

EHPro is known for making the first, and the highest quality Kayfun clones

EHPro is known for making the first, and the highest quality Kayfun clones

The names for these atomizers just keeps getting longer and longer. I remember when there was just the Kayfun, then there was lite, now we have a whole story to tell in just saying the name of an evolved RBA. To break it down, this is the Plus version of the Kayfun Lite, which means the air flow control is going to be on the bottom of the atomizer. Being the EHPro v2 Kayfun lite means this RBA has an enlarged air intake. I really want to get a v2 for myself, because I’ve grown to like a very airy draw, and if the draw is too airy, you can always dial it down with the AFC. Much like the Svoe Mesto KFL this RBA has the new drip tip, which has two o-rings for added stability. The 510 connector ping is also adjustable so users attempting to use this mod with a hybrid adapter will be very happy.

The deck is unpainted, just the way I'd prefer.

The deck is unpainted, just the way I’d prefer.

The price for the EHPro Kayfuns has always been a bit higher than the alternatives from the Chinese suppliers. EHPro doesn’t supply the Chinese sites, so it is unlikely to get a better price overseas. For your money you get all the main accessories. Nicely camouflaged in the back of the photo you can see the clear tanks both the section and the full M tank. Hopefully this is opening doors for the future when we can mix and match parts and everyone will have their own unique atomizer and RBA. Most importantly this version has red o-orings, which outperform black o-rings according to the league of professional grade cloud contestants. Please don’t sue me.

Get yours here: http://www.eciggity.com/blue-kayfun-lite-plus-v2-larger-airflow-hole-by-ehpro/

Don’t forget to use coupon code “reddit10” to bring the price down 10%

The Complete Kayfun Lite Plus V2 Clone Kit $31.02

Probably the most recommended rebuildable atomizer right now is the Kayfun Lite Plus. Here we have a second version of the clone complete with all the trimmings to make purchasing a Kayfun a breeze while allowing some variation in your tank design. The Kayfun Lite Plus has been expanding its product offerings vastly in the past few weeks and we’ve seen everything from gold, copper and black in variations of versions 1,2 and 3. Here is the standard old stainless steel edition with the improvements of the newer designs we’ve seen as of late.

The Nano kit alongside the full size, both included.

The Nano kit alongside the full size, both included.

I keep telling myself that I have more Kayfuns than anyone could need, but one more wouldn’t kill me, right? The Kayfun design is famous for its ease of use, manageable design, and cool flavorful vape. This design has expanded the air flow hole and provided the newer drip tip design complete with dual o-rings for stability. I am a big fan of the recessed fill hole in the “Plus” versions of the Kayfun and it is not supposed to suffer from the Kayfun leak of previous models. My only visible complaint up front is that the deck screws might be a bit on the small side, but that can be easily remedied with some spare parts if you have any laying around. I expect there will be a stripped down version of this offer for less in the near future, but don’t be surprised if this one ends up backordered.

They couldn't even fit it all in one picture!

They couldn’t even fit it all in one picture!

Here is what the site says about it:

  • It is the updated version of the Kayfun Lite Plus
  • Standard 510 drip tip
  • Stainless steel 510 contact pin
  • Bottom screw fill-hole
  • 22mm diameter
  • With 1 air hole, 1 screw on the bottom to control the air flow
  • Height without drip tip: 56.2mm

Get yours here: http://www.fasttech.com/products/1700500


The Hades Clone Preorder $49.99

The first 26650 mod to be cloned has hit the preorder stage and this is bringing a very interesting twist to the market. 101vape has added the listing for the Hades clone v1 and v2, while they carry the original version made by Fontoon and UVO in their shop as well. I find this very interesting, because now the clone lovers/haters can get together and go Thunderdome style all in one store. 101vape started off selling MVP mods and drip tips, and now they are one of, if not the largest clone suppliers in the US. I’ve always been partial towards their store by seeing their recent rapid growth as it is fueled by low prices and excellent customer service. It’s like you can see the store evolving right in front of us to a one-stop-shop for low prices on clones and exclusive original mods alike. I almost forgot to mention, the Hades clone looks great too.

Everyone loves a fatty

Everyone loves a fatty


Much like the stylish laser engraved negative logo on the bottom button, this mod has its unique features. The most notable feature is the 26650 battery requirement. This is also what makes this release such a big deal, since no other 26650 mechanical clones have been released yet. This is a landmark in the world of cloned mods. The 26650 battery opens a new world of battery capacity, discharge limits and bulbous pocket space for vapers everywhere. Changing batteries mid-day might become a thing of the past.

Fat bottom mods make the world go round

Fat bottom mods make the vaping world go round

There is plenty of venting here for any battery. This mod has silver plated contacts with proper insulators for some heavy exploration. I would only consider carrying this mod vs a box mod with nice output. There aren’t yet many atomizers to nicely round off a 26650 mod. There have been pics of the 26mm Russian, and I’d imagine the two combined could easily last days. I have over extended my spending lately, but I would love one of these, some 26650’s and a proper charger to play around with. Remember not all chargers can work with 26650 batteries, and not all 26650 batteries are proper for vaping.

You can preorder here: http://101vape.com/coming-soon/263-hades-v2-clone-preorder.html

The Trident V2 RDA Clone $14.99

I know some people out there are waiting for the Chinese vendors to pick up the Trident V2 Clone, but how much cheaper can it get? I constantly mention my love for the Trident atomizer. I’ve loved the clone since I’ve started dripping and in my opinion it is the easiest atomizer to coil hands down. The slotted posts are awesome for dual or quad coils and really help mounting the coils without mutating them.

The logo might have been designed by someone's teenage child.

The logo might have been designed by someone’s teenage child.

There are some subtle changes between the V2 and the V1 of the Trident RDA. The drip tip is an easy place to start the discussion, but it’s very easy to disregard. The logo reminds me a bit of the Toys R Us logo. On the bright side, the airflow controller has been completely reworked. Originally the air holes were in the bottom half of the atomizer, and to adjust it you would have to spin the outer shell without anywhere to really grip the atomizer. Now the air flow control is a simple little ring resting between the base and threaded top.

The deck is the same but the foundation is all new

The deck is the same but the foundation is all new

Let’s be honest here, the Trident is not the prettiest RDA out there. There’s a few mods out there that truly line up all the horizontal lines in a nice package. At this point I should mention that the Panzer clone has come out and I think they make a nice pair. As per usual 101Vape does not have much to say about this atomizer as far as specs, but it looks inline with the previous releases. The 510 pin is copper, and the rest looks to be stainless steel. I can’t spot any semblance of chromed brass in this atomizer so the rest looks to be standard. I don’t know why I don’t have one of these yet, maybe because I still use my V1 and can’t find a new flavor to try.

Get yours here: http://101vape.com/rebuildable-atomizers-tanks/237-trident-v2-clone.html

The Storm A RDA Preorder $27.99, Possible Origen v2 clone

Right on the heels of the Origen V2 preorder announcement The Storm A is announced. This certainly is not a 1:1 clone, but the differences may just be aesthetics. The Origen RDA has been in very high demand since its release and is highly regarded among the crazed RDA fans. Even the original can be difficult to find, but this may just be the opening of the flood gates for its clone.

Details are foggy so far

Details are foggy so far

The name is a little strange, The Storm A. I don’t know why it wasn’t just listed as an Origen clone. Now this replica looks a little rough around the edges compared to the original. I refer to this as a V2 clone due to the appearance of the short stature and because the center pin is stainless steel. With those similarities considered, there are some changes as well. The center post is not completely threaded like the Origen, it also looks like the coil hole might sit lower in the chamber. I also don’t see any insulator separating the post from the dish. The finish on the Storm also appears to be a uniform brushed steel as opposed to the brushed/polished Origen v2. Probably the most noticeable difference is the juice wells. I am unsure whether these are unified like the Origen V2’s but in this RDA they are ovular and are not curved like “the original.”

Not the same, but still looks great

Not the same, but still looks great

This is a very significant release in the RDA market. Until now we were getting fed countless clones of the more simple designed RDA’s with the standard designs. Now the cloners are beginning  to release much more sophisticated designs like the 3d and this Origen giving the vapers a chance to own some semblance of the $100+ RDAs. I’m sure more details will become available soon.

This preorder is expected to ship around mid-March. Get yours here: http://www.venerablevaping.com/Storm-A-RDA-22mm-Stainless-Steel_p_368.html