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My Newest Hybrid… The Stingray Aqua Clones

I was looking around online and saw an interesting post about the copper version being used as a hybrid with the Aqua and got an idea, sure enough it worked.

They fit together perfectly

They fit together perfectly

I already went ahead and cancelled my 21mm Caravela order since it hasn’t even shipped yet. The Stingray and the Aqua are both the clones available at Fasttech. This Aqua in particular is the model equipped with the silver plated pin and red o-rings. There is no modification required here and the Aqua threads on like it was made for this mod. I am extremely happy with this combo right now and just want to get a another day or two of use on the Stingray before I post my review.

Aqua Nemesis clones

Happy New Year from Dave at Vineyard Vapes!

I have a lot to celebrate with the site, we just hit 10,000 views! There’s now over 100 posts! is in the works so there is a lot to look forward to in the next year!

I promise to keep the content coming, and appreciate every one of you for spending time reading my site.