Price Drop, The Nemi Clone $30, on Short Preorder

I’ll keep this short and sweet rather than repeating myself about this mod. The Nemi Clone, or as it is also called The Mini Nemesis Clone is starting to pop up at online vendors now. This is the lowest price I’ve seen on this sleek 14500 mod, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up having the same prices as the Nemesis clone once these are in stock. Here we have 3 variations of the mod available; brushed stainless steel mixed, polished stainless steel mixed, and copper with steel accents. The copper version costs $3 more than the steel versions at $33. The details are still unconfirmed, but I would assume this has a spring loaded switch, and no extension tubes, much like the models I’ve spotted elsewhere.

Back again with a lower price and a new finish.

Back again with a lower price and a new finish.

Any user that plans on topping this with a rebuildable atomizer should proceed with caution. The 14500 model battery that these “mini” mods use are not rated for as high of a discharge rate as an 18650 or even a 18350. Get familiar with ohms law and make sure to keep your coils at a appropriate wattage for a 14500 battery. Based on the recent popularity of the Kayfun 2.1 clone release I am sure these will be a big hit and will provide a nice alternative to the heavy 26650 mods that have been popping up everywhere.

Get yours here:

These are expected to ship around 6-5-14 making this a rather short wait for a preorder.


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