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  1. Gary

    Hi Dave,
    Well I’ve been reading your pages here for some time now and I just had to find out who the heck is behind all this madness, and I say that with glee is guess would be the word.
    Man a live, I love your stuff here and get some of my best ideas from you.
    I’m 58 disabled but ambulatory and had to quit smoking after 40 yrs for a surgery that never has happened yet, but a friend turned me on to her 650mah ego and some kind of puny atomizer and it was on from there.
    Still have a stinky now and then but consider myself as quit compared to a pack and half a day smoker that I was.
    I’ve always worked with my hands building high performance cars for the track until I was testing and my suspension man forgot to do some torque specs on the front end and put me in a bad place, so I can’t do that anymore and took up technology building computers and all self trained.
    Now this vaping was just what I needed in my life.
    I have gone from knowing nothing about 7 months ago to building hybrids and buying those decent looking black foamed inserted hard cases from Harbor Freight and putting everything together to look like it’s a serious specialty custom made device, which I suppose it is, then I have a few deals with a couple local B&M’s and put them up for sale on consignment and I’m actually making some bucks at it, not a lot but definitely getting my cost back and a bit more, so I’m happy with my new hobby.
    And Dave a lot of the credit has to go to you because of many reasons, but one is just how well you put things together in your pics and then my brain gets to working and well I take some of your ideas and some of my own and wah La beautiful hybrid in a case and for sale, you help open my eyes to see what is possible and I’m grateful for that bro.
    Thank you for the most recent, the new V4 Fogger, I have two on the way, a couple of black and brass stingray’s, some neme’s and couple kings and much more.
    Yesterday was a frantic day, so many sales being memorial and all with 20% off and even more, I am one hell of a cheapskate and cleaned house yesterday, spent about a grand and it will be vape mail heavy for awhile now.
    Anyhow I’m always poking my nose where it don’t belong so thought I’d poke the nose here and make my confession to you so I’d quit feeling like I was swiping ideas or something and to say thanks Dave but be rest assured I’ve never copied one of your ideas completely, well close just maybe different colors, hey how was I to know those two pieces looked so good together if you hadn’t have told me?
    And please don’t stop and keep up the excellent work.
    I read a lot of different sites but hands down yours is the best and I don’t know how many I have but it’s a folder called Vineyard Ideas and I have so many of your pics and articles, your pics are of the best quality and show really good detail and that’s really important to me because I’m able to see things that others would miss.
    Thanks again Dave
    Most Sincerely,

    1. Gary

      Well HELL, Where the HELL ARE YOU Brother DAVE…???
      I used to get my best ideas from you and NOW nothing, what happened did you short out and run away??
      Well I guess nothing is forever But I still stand by my comment above Dave,
      You were the best of the best my friend and I am extremely glad to see that some other Vaper Heads certainly do know a good reviewer, designer, commenter and just an all around GREAT Vape gear related Site, You are missed..!!
      Most Sincerely

  2. md_clouds

    What’s the deal with no more updates? I love this blog, used to check it every day but no updates since the morpheus clone came out, and there has been a ton of good shit since then!


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