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The Erlkonigin RBT Clone Preorder $40

Here is a suave new twist on the “Kayfun alikes.” The Erlkonigin rebuildable atomizer clone is creeping into preorder status at a couple suppliers. Most Kayfun style atomizers are very similar with small differences to customize the vape such as increased airflow, larger capacity, or smaller size. The Erlkonigin appears to have started from the ground up with nice features which have definitely caught my attention. The name might make this atomizer a difficult conversation piece, a quick translation attempt reveals that Erlkonigin is German and means Queen.



I’m really digging the grooves on this mod. The top cap has 4 easy to handle indents to make filling quick and painless. To fill the atomizer you just rotate the cap 45 degrees and two fill holes will be revealed. This sounds like a nice change from the sometimes tedious screwing some atomizers require. There are also more grooves surrounding the 510 connector to make removing the bottom easier as well. The tank has no threading and is held in place by the chimney, much like the Fogger’s design.

Everything looks so smooth, the finish looks great

Everything looks so smooth, the finish looks great

The drip tips for this mod are proprietary, but there is an adapter to allow any drip tip to work. The deck has two nicely elevated posts and the way the wick channel lines up makes building seem very easy on this atomizer. The original Erlkonigin ships with a variety of tanks that adjust the capacity from 6ml to 8ml. For an atomizer that is only slightly larger than a Kayfun (4.5ml,) I am very impressed. I like the way the deck and bottom are designed. The grooved and bottom fed air control are a nice change from the flat and bland bottoms that most atomizers have. The bottom is also very thin, it looks like this atomizer really shines in space management.

Designed for a single coil, but is supposed to have the airiest draw of all

Designed for a single coil, but is supposed to have the airiest draw of all

I have suspicions that this clone is made by Yiloong, the makers of the Fogger. Their Alibaba page has a listing for the Erlkonigin with all the accessories that the original shipped with, this listing says it only includes the plastic drip tip and 6ml tank. For now this atomizer is only available as a preorder, and as per usual I suspect the prices will drop once more suppliers stock up. I am very excited to try this atomizer out myself, and I hope it is sooner than later. Here is what the suppliers site says about it:

  • 6ml Co-Polymer Tank
  • Easy Fill Top Cap by twisting 45 degrees to expose a filling hole.
  • Intergrated AFC in the base
  • Direct Positive Pole Connector
  • Standard 510 threading
  • Proprietary threaded plastic drip tip.
  • Tank is not a structural element. Chimney attached to the top cap to give the unitmore strength.
  • Innovative Wick Guide (Channels) which allows the tank to be vaped completely before the need to refill.

Get yours here: http://www.gvapers.com/collections/preorders/products/erlkonigin


The Magma RDA Clone $15.79

Here’s a nice price cut on a highly anticipated RDA. The clones of the Magma have been rolling out and they are a replica of one of the most popular RDAs in the vaping community. There are lots of reasons to like the Magma RDA, and it is built to appease the most finicky cloud chasers out there. The original has been in short supply and has endlessly been out of stock at many vaping sites. Now anyone can get their hands on this RDA for a fraction of the original’s price. Here is another example of the cloners stepping up where opportunity knocks.

There's something in the well!

There’s something in the well!

There is a lot going on in this little RDA. The Magma has a particularly deep well and it claims to hold up to 40 drop of e-liquid. Anyone who has ever tried DIY e-liquid hates the word drops. Different flavors and different mixtures have different surface tensions, so a drop is a mere approximation of measurement. Deep inside the well there is an insulator nice and safely tucked away, hidden from the scolding coils. The posts are especially tall to keep the coils away from the insulators and over the air flow channels. The posts are even welded to the base of the atomizer to prevent shifting around or questionable connections. Where the Origen V1 RDA made separate juice wells, the Magma joined them together so there is no worry of running dry on one end.

Not the smallest RDA, but they really pack the features into this guy

Not the smallest RDA, but they really pack the features into this guy

This RDA screams durable. They looked at the standard top cap designs and decided to put an AFC ring rather than drilling right through the top cap. The AFC ring on this mod resembles swiss cheese with its 9 air holes. My favorite part about this RDA is the lack of o-rings. Now o-rings definitely get the job done when you gotta make a seal, I’d just rather not need them at all. I have broken countless o-rings, and having a leaky atomizer can ruin your day. The posts in the atomizer are drilled out nice and wide, and instead of needing an Allen key, they use a flat head design, so no special tools required. All parts considered this looks like a sure winner, and for $16 the amount of craftsmanship involved here definitely makes this a bargain.

I'm pretty sure this is the first time I've seen the Paradigm logo.

I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve seen the Paradigm logo, somehow it dodges photos.

Here is what the site says about it:

  • Stainless steel construction
  • 22mm in diameter
  • Two 3.97mm wide poles (screw type – shoot and screw) easier to rebuild and better conductivity
  • New technology – dual DIRECT TO COIL air-hole for maximized flavor and vapor
  • 9 air holes on the outer casing
  • Extended juice basin – can hold up to 40 drops of juice with minimal change of leakage (for a dripper)
  • Poles are welded to the base for durability
  • Positive insulator hidden in the base to avoid melting
  • O-ring less – to make it maintenance free
  • Dome chamber top cap for better flavor

Get yours here: http://www.fasttech.com/products/1/10008103/1718100-magma-style-rebuildable-dripping-atomizer

The AGA-T7 By Youde! Now Available $31.50 New Low Price $28.00(Edited)

These guys at Eciggity are on a roll. I don’t want to sound like I am affiliated, but they are quickly climbing to be one of the premiere U.S. vape shops giving the people what they want. Usually when a new product arrives there is a potato quality blown up thumbnail image to support it, not these guys. They give us the info and that’s what matters in online shopping. A manufacturer that I’ve somewhat ignored has changed their Genesis atomizer ways and have conformed to the Kayfun hype. Here we have an original design from a manufacturer known for their drippers. There is a lot of things right with this atomizer, but some choices leave me very excited to see the next rendition.

Two positives and two negative... posts.

Two positives and two negative… posts.

Here we have a very interesting design. There are posts with staggered heights and an air flow channel coming from the center. I can imagine some cross design coils being used in this design. There is a twist on the Kayfun design as well. The juice channels flow upwards, typically they are bottom fed. I wonder how to properly wick this, can I just use the deck like a dripper? I know the brass haters will not like the fact the center air channel is brass. There is an ongoing concern of letting heat and juice make contact with brass parts due to the potential of lead poisoning. My second concern with this atomizer is the insulators. They look a bit close to where the coils will lie, and that gives them a tendency to melt.

A big atomizer for big flavor! Right?

A big atomizer for big flavor! Right?

Now lets put the size of this atomizer into consideration. The listed size is 62.5mm, to put that in perspective an 18650 battery by definition is 65mm. This thing is tall. I imagine there might be a more compact way to have all the features, but maybe there is a purpose behind that elongating middle section. Lots of atomizers use a threaded tank to cut back on parts, but this one features a pyrex glass tank. I like the decision of placing the fill hole in the top of the atomizer. Whenever I flip my atomizers to bottom fill the juice in the chamber will flow out the drip tip. By keeping the mod right side up this will become a non issue and save me some paper towels. There is a very wide AFC on this mod, which will make many vapers happy.

I've read the capacity is 3.5ml, but the manufacturer says 1.5ml. Let's hope it's 3.5.

I’ve read the capacity is 3.5ml, but the manufacturer says 1.5ml. Let’s hope it’s 3.5.

Use coupon code “reddit10″ to take 10% off the price at Eccigity.

Get yours here: http://www.eciggity.com/aga-t7-by-youde/

Another listing popped up today at $28: http://trianglevape.com/aga-t7/

Review: The Fogger V4

As a huge fan of the Aqua RBA I couldn’t resist taking a look at Yi Loong’s newest rendition of the Fogger. Back in the early days of the Kayfun atomizer the original Fogger hit the market and it was a big hit. It certainly wasn’t the best atomizer in any category, but it was cheap and accommodated cotton wicks, so I was intrigued. I used the Fogger v1 for a few weeks, and it was far from perfect. The insulator was junk, the deck was hard to build on, and the pin was difficult to use with many of my mods. Eventually the insulator failed on me and the mod shorted and the heat shattered the glass. Foolishly I saw a Fogger v2 and and was hoping the issues were resolved, but they remained. I think I made a smart move shelving that atomizer and switching over to a Kayfun. Since then the Fogger v3 had come out without much positive press which helped me resist purchasing one. I figured this was the end of the Fogger and the Kayfun/Aqua clones came to rule the inexpensive cotton RBA world. Then came the Fogger v4 and once again I was lured in. I searched around and the fastest way for me to get one was Ebay, and $35 and 3 days later, I received mine.

Sitting pretty on the Stingray clone

Sitting pretty on the Stingray clone

First Impressions

I will admit, this RBA showed up with better attention to detail than some other atomizers I have purchased. Most notably it came in a box. I did not expect much, and that is what I got. The atomizer was packaged in a simple cardboard box along with a keychain screwdriver and some spare o-rings and screws. Since I ordered the black model I inspected the “Paint” job. This atomizer uses a PVD coating (Physical Vapor Deposition) to paint this atomizer black, and I gotta say, they did a great job. The atomizer has a very even and spotless black coating. There is a noticeable brushed finish and this stuff feels tough. I would say I received this atomizer in mint condition and there were no apparent flaws upon my initial inspection. To be a stickler for details, I did notice the rim of the (thick) glass tank is a bit coarse, but that is just me looking for something to complain about. 

The barely used Fogger v4 and its nicely brushed black finish

The barely used Fogger v4 and its nicely brushed black finish

I give it a 9/10, there was nothing wrong, but I can’t say I was surprised.

Build Quality

Build quality is always very important with atomizers. RBA’s are devices that we constantly disassemble, tweak, modify, and rebuild. By definition the build quality determines the product life of a rebuildable atomizer. One of my initial concerns is the amount of o-rings in this atomizer and their tendency to fall out of place. They managed to jam an o-ring in every connection within the atomizer. In some places like around the copper 510 pin I wish they opted for a plastic insulator, because the o-ring doesn’t seem to stay put like some other atomizers. Besides the obnoxious amount of o-rings, this atomizer has an excellent build quality. It is very heavy, I tried this on my Nemesis clone with the black aluminum tube and it was very top heavy. I think the weight of this atomizer and the glass tank might guarantee the tank will shatter on a significant drop. Since I can’t help but wonder, I decided to put the PVD coating to an abrasion test. I started with a screwdriver and scratched around the base… nothing. I moved on and grabbed my dremel. First came the cotton polishing tip which did nothing but leave a shiny spot. I then grabbed a brush tip to achieve the same result. It took the stone wheel to leave a mark on this bad boy.

The chip was created by my  grinding stone

The chip was created by my grinding stone

The build materials are very high quality. The copper 510 pin feels solid and has a nice flat top. The chamber fits together almost seamlessly. The top cap securely screws down to make a reliable seal with no leaks. I’ve heard complaints that the AFC ring tends to unwind, but I must have a second-batch unit here, because that is a non issue. The knurling on the AFC makes it very easy to grip and adjust. Much like the previous Fogger v2, the AFC ring is limited and can not fully open and remain at about 50%, but even with the air holes partially obstructed the hit is very airy. The o-ring on the fill hole broke the first time I took it out, but I replaced that with one of the spares. My biggest complaint is the size of the post screws. They are simply too narrow and make gripping a 28awg dual coil difficult. I took the suggestion of a Reddit user and assembled my coil from a single strand of kanthal to overcome the posts from “dropping” the leads when tightened down.

Dual micro coils right around my ideal .5 ohm. Notice the coil is a single strand.

Dual micro coils right around my ideal .5 ohm. Notice the coil is a single strand.

I give it a 7.5/10, the o-rings, and AFC aren’t perfect, but the posts bother me the most.


This atomizer took me a few tries to get a good vape. It does not work exactly like either the Aqua nor the Kayfun. Once I got over the difficult posts and put a wick in this atomizer my first few attempts were awful. Initially I took the Aqua approach and ran my wicks through the juice channels into the tank, and I would not recommend it. The corners of the juice channels were choking the juice flow and drying out the wick. The next attempt I went the Kayfun route and laid the wicks across the decks, but this gave me an equally bad result. I finally settled on placing a small pointed lead into the channels, but not all way through, just so they barely reached the bottom, and this made all the difference. The positive post insulator has been excellent. Usually when I dry burn my Aqua I have to take it easy so the insulator won’t melt, but that is not an issue with the Fogger. I’ve been vaping at least 15ml on the same wicks and haven’t noticed any flavor loss, it is working great.

Excellent juice flow with the wicks as shown

Excellent juice flow with the wicks as shown

The fill hole is a little difficult to deal with. The fill screw has an o-ring around it that will fall off the screw every time you fill it. It is also too narrow. I can not manage to fill the tank without an excessive amount of liquid pouring back out of the fill hole or drip tip. This atomizer requires a whole paper towel for clean up if you plan on using a dropper. On a positive note, the juice capacity is very high, it holds a questionable amount of liquid between 5 and 6ml. I tried to get a clear measurement, but the fill hole failed me and I lost track. I make a mess every time I fill this atomizer, I really wish it had a top fill option, but the unthreaded tank makes this near impossible. It is nice to have such a big tank. With the Sony VTC4 battery I simply replace the battery at each juice refill and enjoy a nice and cloudy vape all day.

I give it an 7.5/10 considering the fill and coiling difficulty


On a black mod this is a great looking atomizer. I was very excited to see which of my mods the paint job would best accommodate. I ended up settling on the Copper Stingray clone. The weight of the copper tubes helps make the mod more stable, the Nemesis was a bit top-heavy in 18650 mode.

The Fogger with a hybrid adapter on the Nemesis clone, Hybrid Aqua for scale

The Fogger with a hybrid adapter on the Nemesis clone, Hybrid Aqua for scale

I think the atomizer looks great. The drip tip that was included turned out to be rather lackluster, and I prefer a shorter drip tip so I shelved that right off the bat. The paint job was done very well and there are no spots or discoloration. No complaints here.

I give it a 9/10.

Overall Value

I would say overall value is where this mod really shines. For $35 I got one of the best atomizers I have used to date and it isn’t a clone. I wouldn’t suggest this for a first timer who is trying to get a dual coil tank atomizer, it is a little difficult and finicky on the deck. The filling can also be a slight pain, but I think I will get better with practice.

  • 22mm Diameter, slightly wider at the AFC ring
  • Dual air flow channels, plenty of flow
  • Nice rugged black PVD coating
  • Excellent adjustable copper 510 pin
  • Glass tank is nice and thick
  • The drip tip well is a very appropriate size and it doesn’t drop drip tips
  • Excellent vape, nice thick clouds
  • All day capacity of at least 5ml
  • Easy to clean
  • Compatible with hybrid adapter kits
  • The Bottom fill hole can be difficult
  • A very heavy RBA, it feels tough

This atomizer gets a 8.5/10 overall. I am very satisfied with the purchase and it works just like the extra large Aqua I hoped it would be.

I got mine off of Ebay, but there are many stores that have this atomizer in stock right now. The cheapest I’ve seen is just under $30 after coupon code “reddit10” here: http://www.eciggity.com/fogger-v4/

Dimmi’s Dream Dripper, The 3d RDA Clone $12.99 Shipped Quick

I wanted one of these since I first laid eyes on it. I have a collection of Nemesis clones that I’ve wanted to trim down to a hybrid atomizer, so I bought a 3d clone for myself. This atomizer might be a little daunting for a new vaper. There are a lot of parts, a spring and a hidden well below the deck. Personally I had to drill out a second hole to increase the air flow to my liking. After that I used the RDA for a few days and realized how fun it is. There’s nothing better than pumping the atomizer and slowly releasing so the RDA makes a loud sucking sound while staring at your coworkers suggestively.

This offer is for the complete set, drip tip and 510 adapter included

This offer is for the complete set, drip tip and 510 adapter included

This atomizer has a completely unique design that gives the vaper full time juice control without having to hold a bottle all day. There is a well below the deck that can hold around 1.2ml of juice and a spring gives you the ability to pump juice from the well into the deck, then upon releasing the spring the excess juice is sucked back into the chamber. This enables the user to always vape off of a soaked wick without dripping between each hit.

I think removing the logo would really improve the appearance

I think removing the logo would really improve the appearance

I think this is a very fun atomizer. Placing a coil onto the posts is relatively easy. The airflow was very good once I drilled a second hole. This mod looks great in hybrid mode on the Nemesis. Like anything else to date, it isn’t perfect. This RDA does require a needle point to fully fill the well. You can squeeze the atomizer, drip juice into the chamber, then release to suck juice into the well, but it isn’t as efficient as filling the well directly. One downside I noticed was it does leak a bit if you don’t properly drain the chamber. Since the juice might not fully drain, this might lead to scolding hot eliquid leaking, so always take caution.

I wish they had a picture that showed the hybrid adapter so I could see the materials

I wish they had a picture that showed the hybrid adapter so I could see the materials

This is a new supplier with a new approach on delivering vaping gear from China and I like it. This RDA is currently listed in the “USA Warehouse” which means we get China prices with USA shipping. The offer includes free shipping which is just the icing on the cake. The site is a little rough around the edges, but give them time, they are new. Some people are already calling them the slowtech killer…

Check it out here: http://www.angelcigs.com/3d-rda-rebuidable-dripping-atomizer-clone-by-angel.html

The Complete Kayfun Lite Plus V2 Clone Kit $31.02

Probably the most recommended rebuildable atomizer right now is the Kayfun Lite Plus. Here we have a second version of the clone complete with all the trimmings to make purchasing a Kayfun a breeze while allowing some variation in your tank design. The Kayfun Lite Plus has been expanding its product offerings vastly in the past few weeks and we’ve seen everything from gold, copper and black in variations of versions 1,2 and 3. Here is the standard old stainless steel edition with the improvements of the newer designs we’ve seen as of late.

The Nano kit alongside the full size, both included.

The Nano kit alongside the full size, both included.

I keep telling myself that I have more Kayfuns than anyone could need, but one more wouldn’t kill me, right? The Kayfun design is famous for its ease of use, manageable design, and cool flavorful vape. This design has expanded the air flow hole and provided the newer drip tip design complete with dual o-rings for stability. I am a big fan of the recessed fill hole in the “Plus” versions of the Kayfun and it is not supposed to suffer from the Kayfun leak of previous models. My only visible complaint up front is that the deck screws might be a bit on the small side, but that can be easily remedied with some spare parts if you have any laying around. I expect there will be a stripped down version of this offer for less in the near future, but don’t be surprised if this one ends up backordered.

They couldn't even fit it all in one picture!

They couldn’t even fit it all in one picture!

Here is what the site says about it:

  • It is the updated version of the Kayfun Lite Plus
  • Standard 510 drip tip
  • Stainless steel 510 contact pin
  • Bottom screw fill-hole
  • 22mm diameter
  • With 1 air hole, 1 screw on the bottom to control the air flow
  • Height without drip tip: 56.2mm

Get yours here: http://www.fasttech.com/products/1700500


The Crown RDA Clone $14.99

One of the most stylish RDA’s available now. This atomizer is made to make any mod rule. I loved the styling of the original Crown on the Rook mod, but now I can afford to try one out on some of my more affordable mods. This is the version people are going to want. I imagine the brass version will be more popular than the copper or stainless versions. The classic RDA set up comes back with some fancy trimmings to compete with the wave of stylish clones we’ve been treated to lately.

Dual o-rings on the base are always a plus when dealing with a sleeve afc

Dual o-rings on the base are always a plus when dealing with a sleeve AFC

One thing that has grown to bother is an rda with an Air Flow Control (AFC) ring that has no details to grip. This crown has plenty of nooks and crannies to use for grip without slicing open a part of yourself. The afc ring features plenty of choices of diameter from 1mm – 2.5mm. The well, or dish has a nice lip on it to hold a reasonable amount of juice without worrying about leaks. The posts are aligned nicely with a nice wide bore for mounting. I prefer slotted post screws and the insulator on the positive looks beefy. This atomizer has a lot going for it in my opinion.

17mm inside diameter, this will fit like a crown.

17mm inside diameter, this will fit like a crown.

Here is what the site is saying about it:

– 2 Adjustable Airflow Holes
– 4 Different Air holes to choose from: 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm
– Easy Twist-On Airflow Control
– 3 elevated positive and negative terminals – alleviates loose negative terminal issue
– Native 510 connection
– Deeper Juice well for over dripping
– Easy snap on top cap
– Durable food grade Insulator
– 17mm inner chamber diameter to accommodate single or dual coil builds
– the crown part is available in Gold Plated

Get yours here: http://www.vaportekusa.com/crown-rda-by-tobeco/

Use “5off” for a nice 5% off.