The Igo-W6 RDA $23.00

Youde in general has become famous for the simplicity and value of their atomizers. I think just about every vaper out there has at some point owned or used an Igo-l. Youde has managed to make RDA’s very inexpensive while avoiding cloning. The Igo-w6 does not follow the simple 3 post design. There are multiple AFC channels and many fine details to the design. Is this a turning point for the company?

Following the trend, this is a 22m atomizer

Following the trend, this is a 22m atomizer

What is all this stuff? Where I’m used to seeing allen slugs I see a knurled post and phillips heads. Even the posts look drilled out wide. There are double o-rings for each section. All of these are just icing on the cake that is this atomizer. There are 5 posts… One positive and four negative, but not all are the same. Two of the negative posts are taller than the remaining two. This enables some really crazy coils, I can already imagine double deckers and quad vertical coil configurations.

Just think of what could be going on in there

Just think of what could be going on in there

Some pictures I’ve seen show two knurled caps on the center post, this one shows three. All the posts seem cleverly aimed away from each other. There is nothing worse than trying to mount a coil with horrible post alignment, it can ruin some beautiful work. The hole in the center post actually looks even larger than the ones in the negative posts and that avoids the issue of too many leads that the Igo-w3 gave me.

The signature solid top cap remains

The signature solid top cap remains

This atomizer does in ways remind me of the Igo-w3. It has a ton of air flow options. There are 5 posts. Where the w6 lacks curves it has a patterned laser engraving and a tasteful brass ring to bring it all together. For this price, we might have a winner on our hands here.

Here is what the site is saying about it:

  • 5 posts, 4 negative (2 long, 2 short), 1 positive
  • Stainless Steel
  • Brass airflow ring
  • Height – 36mm
  • Diameter – 22mm
  • 4 air holes in deck
  • 6 air holes in top cap (can use 4 slots or 2 dual holes)

Get yours here:

There are also $12 ceramic tipped tweezers available 


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