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The Orchid V2 RTA Clone $11.08!

After a much needed personal leave from the site I am back! And what a great time it is to be reviewing the new vaping gear. Lots has changed in my absence and I plan on playing a little catch-up through my articles, but this here is the newest, latest and greatest. Today the highly anticipated V2 of the Orchid atomizer clone popped up for a ridiculously low price. At $11.08 it is cheaper than just about any other rebuildable tank atomizer available and after using the Tobeco V1 Orchid for a couple weeks, I would highly endorse this RTA. Although the design of this atomizer is not perfect, the price and features really make this a great addition to any collection. Here is my review/preview of the Orchid clone. 

4 Channels! 4 posts! 4 pieces!

4 Channels! 4 posts! 4 pieces!

Many Vapers out there would relate this atomizer to the Kayfun or Fogger v4 and they wouldn’t be wrong. I have toiled around with my own Orchid and found many parts to be interchangeable with my army of Kayfuns. The chimney section on this atomizer is wider than the Kayfun’s and is not interchangeable. This puts a bit of a limit on the amount of parts that can be swapped. Personally I don’t care for the plastic tank or top-heavy cap, which lead me to explore every possible combination of tank sections and top caps that would be compatible. Once again I became slightly frustrated with the chimney which I found to be too short to noticeably increase the tank capacity. The sellers claim the capacity is 2.5ml – 3.0ml, but I am finding it to be closer to 2ml. I finally settled on using 1 Kayfun Nano steel tank section paired with a regular Kayfun clear tank and steel band. I chose my flat-cap that came with my Kayfun Lite +v2 to top it all off. 

My personal pocket rocket. Pictured on a 4nine clone in 18350 mode.

My personal pocket rocket. Pictured on a 4nine clone in 18350 mode. This is the maximum capacity the chimney would allow

The new V2 of the Orchid clone features a bottom filling port for those Vapers that hate removing the cap. I have been using the top fill and flip method without many issues. Besides the fill port change, the Orchid V2 clone is the same as the V1. The deck on this atomizer does use allen screws, I would have preferred a Phillips option, but I can live with it. I use my Orchid with a dual coil at .7ohms and I have not had a single wicking or gurgling issue. I use considerably less cotton in my builds, and I would say they are very similar to a Fogger v4 with the cotton running half way down the vertical juice channel. The draw is very airy and the vape might even satisfy some cloud chasers out there. Since I have been using this with the purple 18350 batteries I usually swap the battery each time I fill.  

The new fill port will make some people happy, others have been using the top fill kayfun cap from Fasttech.

The new fill port will make some people happy, others have been using the top fill Kayfun cap from Fasttech.

I paid almost double for my Tobeco Orchid and am very happy with it. If you are looking for a Kayfun with larger clouds you really can’t go wrong at this price. I wish there was a middle ground between the Fogger v4 and the Orchid, just like a Kayfun with the base from this atomizer. 

Here is what the site says about it:

  • Compatible with 510 drip tip (drip tip sold separately)
  • Quad-pole for dual coil build
  • 4 wick channels
  • 2 air holes
  • 510 connection (brass contact, adjustable)
  • Laser engravings on the chimney
  • Bottom screw-refill hole

Get yours here: http://www.fasttech.com/products/1411/10009514/1850901-orchid-v2-styled-rebuildable-tank-atomizer-2-5-3

Stay tuned with the site, I am planning on adding plenty of new content in the near future!


The Cats RDA Clone $13.01

Here is a new clone of a very popular RDA that has been a big hit with the multi coilers out there. You don’t have to like cats to like this atomizer. This atomizer features a unique design that encloses the posts within an inner chamber. The air flow runs from the intakes located near the top of the atomimzer into the midsection. This is where it gets interesting. The air is then distributed into 4 opposing holes which should evenly distribute across a nice quad coil. This atomizer also features a conical chimney that has been a growing trend. The shape is supposed to increase flavor by condensing the vapor.

Quite a line up, that's a ton of o-rings for a dripper

Quite a line up, that’s a ton of o-rings for a dripper

From what I’ve been reading this atomizer provides a very unique feeling vape that is one of a kind. The deck is designed for vertical quad coils and has a very fancy positive post. I imagine coil wrapping is very easy with the nicely knurled grip and fat flat head screws. The drip tip gets a lot of attention on this RDA as well. Usually the insulator holds a stainless steel drip tip. This RDA has it the other way around with a very wide barrel Polyoxymethylene (POM) drip tip threaded into the steel base. Drip tip insulators are always a good idea when sub ohming or vaping quad coils. All the added heat will very quickly make a drip tip a bit hot to handle.

That center post is a real eye catcher

That center post is a real eye catcher

Here is what the site is saying about it:

  • Removable 510 stainless steel + POM drip tip (the stainless steel part and POM part are thread-connected)
  • Air flow control ring (4 vent holes on the AFC ring)
  • Stainless steel center post
  • Brass 510 contact pin
  • 510 threading connection
  • Laser etched logo
  • Height without drip tip: 39.5mm

Get yours here: http://www.fasttech.com/products/1/10007917/1730600-cats-style-rebuildable-atomizer


The Magma RDA Clone $15.79

Here’s a nice price cut on a highly anticipated RDA. The clones of the Magma have been rolling out and they are a replica of one of the most popular RDAs in the vaping community. There are lots of reasons to like the Magma RDA, and it is built to appease the most finicky cloud chasers out there. The original has been in short supply and has endlessly been out of stock at many vaping sites. Now anyone can get their hands on this RDA for a fraction of the original’s price. Here is another example of the cloners stepping up where opportunity knocks.

There's something in the well!

There’s something in the well!

There is a lot going on in this little RDA. The Magma has a particularly deep well and it claims to hold up to 40 drop of e-liquid. Anyone who has ever tried DIY e-liquid hates the word drops. Different flavors and different mixtures have different surface tensions, so a drop is a mere approximation of measurement. Deep inside the well there is an insulator nice and safely tucked away, hidden from the scolding coils. The posts are especially tall to keep the coils away from the insulators and over the air flow channels. The posts are even welded to the base of the atomizer to prevent shifting around or questionable connections. Where the Origen V1 RDA made separate juice wells, the Magma joined them together so there is no worry of running dry on one end.

Not the smallest RDA, but they really pack the features into this guy

Not the smallest RDA, but they really pack the features into this guy

This RDA screams durable. They looked at the standard top cap designs and decided to put an AFC ring rather than drilling right through the top cap. The AFC ring on this mod resembles swiss cheese with its 9 air holes. My favorite part about this RDA is the lack of o-rings. Now o-rings definitely get the job done when you gotta make a seal, I’d just rather not need them at all. I have broken countless o-rings, and having a leaky atomizer can ruin your day. The posts in the atomizer are drilled out nice and wide, and instead of needing an Allen key, they use a flat head design, so no special tools required. All parts considered this looks like a sure winner, and for $16 the amount of craftsmanship involved here definitely makes this a bargain.

I'm pretty sure this is the first time I've seen the Paradigm logo.

I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve seen the Paradigm logo, somehow it dodges photos.

Here is what the site says about it:

  • Stainless steel construction
  • 22mm in diameter
  • Two 3.97mm wide poles (screw type – shoot and screw) easier to rebuild and better conductivity
  • New technology – dual DIRECT TO COIL air-hole for maximized flavor and vapor
  • 9 air holes on the outer casing
  • Extended juice basin – can hold up to 40 drops of juice with minimal change of leakage (for a dripper)
  • Poles are welded to the base for durability
  • Positive insulator hidden in the base to avoid melting
  • O-ring less – to make it maintenance free
  • Dome chamber top cap for better flavor

Get yours here: http://www.fasttech.com/products/1/10008103/1718100-magma-style-rebuildable-dripping-atomizer

The Storm-A RDA Clone $11.69

The Storm-A RDA is back. The Storm-A was a very popular RDA when it first premiered at a few vendors. Since it first hit shelves this RDA has mostly been sold out. Now it has returned to stores again with a nice price reduction. The Storm-A is the 3 post RDA that strays from the standard design and brings new concepts to a familiar layout. Some would say it is an Origen RDA clone, but there are a few differences that would warrant calling this an original.

Notice the AFC slot instead of the drilled hole.

Notice the AFC slot instead of the drilled hole.

This looks like a complete package here. There is a drip tip included which is a pretty standard design, but it’s always nice to have a drip that you know will have a good fit. This atomizer fits in at the standard 22mm, which is the diameter of most popular mods like the Nemesis or Stingray. This is an rda made by Orieco, which is a company that tends to make products that are very similar to others that are available, but with their own touches. That makes them somewhat unique. It would be really ironic if this was a clone, but I am not sure if it is.

The deck is where this RDA really wins

The deck is where this RDA really wins, but you can’t ignore the nice o-ring placement.

I love that fat knurled center post. I’ve always prefered wire wrapping to post holes. For some reason most of the coils I try to mount through post holes tend to snap and disconnect. I consider wrapping with a nice fat screw head to be more reliable.

Those juice wells remind me of the Magma or Origen atomizers

Those juice wells remind me of the Magma or Origen atomizers

There is a nice insulator on the center post and everything is nice and close to the deck. This could work very well as a low ohm RDA. The juice wells are nice and deep, but I am a lazy person. I doubt I would be able to handle dripping into two different wells to ensure an extra long vape in between drips. I still love the design and really hope this evolves the same way the Origen did and grow some fatter negative post heads, and a channel to connect the wells. For the price you can’t go wrong.

I wish I remembered to use coupon code “10%off” when I bought the Stingray the other day, it still works.

Get yours here: http://www.angelcigs.com/storm-a-rebuildable-dripping-atomizer-rda.html

Another 26650 RDA, The Stillare 26650 Clone Preorder $19.99

Another topper for all the new 26650 RDA’s, the Stillare RDA has been cloned and released in 26650 size. Everyone prefers to have a flush fit for their atomizer and with all the wider mods hitting the market there is a demand for 26650 atomizers. So far we have seen a couple options for the 26650 mechs, but this is just the start. Soon enough there will be more options and plenty of choices for the 26650 users out there.

The Stillare steps into the selection of 28.5mm RDA's

The Stillare steps into the selection of 28.5mm RDA’s

The Stillare is a rather simple, but high performing RDA. The air flow control on this mod is offered by a set of slits in the outer sleeve which align with another set in the chamber. This AFC system offers great variety for fanning out plenty of air over a dual coil setup. I particularly like these designs as they tend to offer more airflow than is needed so there is no need to alter or drill out the RDA at home.

The posts are gold plated in case there are concerns about brass

The posts are gold plated in case there are concerns about brass

I expect to see many more 28.5mm versions of popular atomizers in the near future. Personally I am holding out for a dual coil tank system, but for the dripper fans you can’t go wrong with the Stillare.

Get yours here: http://www.vaportekusa.com/stillare-26650-clone-by-tobeco-pre-order/

Coupon code “5off” should still provide a nice %5 discount.

The Crown RDA Clone $14.99

One of the most stylish RDA’s available now. This atomizer is made to make any mod rule. I loved the styling of the original Crown on the Rook mod, but now I can afford to try one out on some of my more affordable mods. This is the version people are going to want. I imagine the brass version will be more popular than the copper or stainless versions. The classic RDA set up comes back with some fancy trimmings to compete with the wave of stylish clones we’ve been treated to lately.

Dual o-rings on the base are always a plus when dealing with a sleeve afc

Dual o-rings on the base are always a plus when dealing with a sleeve AFC

One thing that has grown to bother is an rda with an Air Flow Control (AFC) ring that has no details to grip. This crown has plenty of nooks and crannies to use for grip without slicing open a part of yourself. The afc ring features plenty of choices of diameter from 1mm – 2.5mm. The well, or dish has a nice lip on it to hold a reasonable amount of juice without worrying about leaks. The posts are aligned nicely with a nice wide bore for mounting. I prefer slotted post screws and the insulator on the positive looks beefy. This atomizer has a lot going for it in my opinion.

17mm inside diameter, this will fit like a crown.

17mm inside diameter, this will fit like a crown.

Here is what the site is saying about it:

– 2 Adjustable Airflow Holes
– 4 Different Air holes to choose from: 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm
– Easy Twist-On Airflow Control
– 3 elevated positive and negative terminals – alleviates loose negative terminal issue
– Native 510 connection
– Deeper Juice well for over dripping
– Easy snap on top cap
– Durable food grade Insulator
– 17mm inner chamber diameter to accommodate single or dual coil builds
– the crown part is available in Gold Plated

Get yours here: http://www.vaportekusa.com/crown-rda-by-tobeco/

Use “5off” for a nice 5% off.


The Magma RDA Clone By Infinite Preorder $31.99

One of the biggest RDA’s of the year is coming to the clone market. The highly sought after Magma RDA has been cloned. This is a unique RDA design that challenges the “standard” three post layout that most RDA’s tend to use today. RDA’s have seen a lot of attempts at rebuilding the wheel, but many will argue that the Magma is the standout in form and functionality.

Everything appears to be exactly like the original, except the price

Everything appears to be exactly like the original, except the price

Features are how you win at the RDA game. Vapers don’t want simple, but they want something easy. Here are two nicely bored out posts that lead a coil right over the bottom feeding air flow channels. Notice that the holes in the posts are actually aimed the right way for this, unlike some other RDAs I’ve experienced. There is plenty of selection in the AFC (Air Flow Control) ring, everything from dual 1mm up to dual 3mm are available to suit a variety of tastes. There is a particularly deep juice well. This helps the lazy drippers like me who can’t always hold a mod in one hand and a juice bottle in the other. I’ve heard that it can hold up to 40 drops of e-liquid, but feel free to count for yourself. This RDA is a little bigger than some alternatives, this is due to the larger well, and bottom fed air flow channels. If you needed a reason to buy another dripper, this clone should be near the top of your list.

Here is what the site is saying about it:

  • 2 Poles designed for durability
  • Dual Bottom Airhole directly below the coils
  • External independent Air Flow Control
  • Comes with a mini tank for ease of use that can hold up to 40 drops

Shipping is expected May 14th, get yours here: http://www.illvapes.com/magma-rba-1-1-clone-by-infinite-ships-may-14th/