The AGA-T7 By Youde! Now Available $31.50 New Low Price $28.00(Edited)

These guys at Eciggity are on a roll. I don’t want to sound like I am affiliated, but they are quickly climbing to be one of the premiere U.S. vape shops giving the people what they want. Usually when a new product arrives there is a potato quality blown up thumbnail image to support it, not these guys. They give us the info and that’s what matters in online shopping. A manufacturer that I’ve somewhat ignored has changed their Genesis atomizer ways and have conformed to the Kayfun hype. Here we have an original design from a manufacturer known for their drippers. There is a lot of things right with this atomizer, but some choices leave me very excited to see the next rendition.

Two positives and two negative... posts.

Two positives and two negative… posts.

Here we have a very interesting design. There are posts with staggered heights and an air flow channel coming from the center. I can imagine some cross design coils being used in this design. There is a twist on the Kayfun design as well. The juice channels flow upwards, typically they are bottom fed. I wonder how to properly wick this, can I just use the deck like a dripper? I know the brass haters will not like the fact the center air channel is brass. There is an ongoing concern of letting heat and juice make contact with brass parts due to the potential of lead poisoning. My second concern with this atomizer is the insulators. They look a bit close to where the coils will lie, and that gives them a tendency to melt.

A big atomizer for big flavor! Right?

A big atomizer for big flavor! Right?

Now lets put the size of this atomizer into consideration. The listed size is 62.5mm, to put that in perspective an 18650 battery by definition is 65mm. This thing is tall. I imagine there might be a more compact way to have all the features, but maybe there is a purpose behind that elongating middle section. Lots of atomizers use a threaded tank to cut back on parts, but this one features a pyrex glass tank. I like the decision of placing the fill hole in the top of the atomizer. Whenever I flip my atomizers to bottom fill the juice in the chamber will flow out the drip tip. By keeping the mod right side up this will become a non issue and save me some paper towels. There is a very wide AFC on this mod, which will make many vapers happy.

I've read the capacity is 3.5ml, but the manufacturer says 1.5ml. Let's hope it's 3.5.

I’ve read the capacity is 3.5ml, but the manufacturer says 1.5ml. Let’s hope it’s 3.5.

Use coupon code “reddit10″ to take 10% off the price at Eccigity.

Get yours here:

Another listing popped up today at $28:


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