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Black And Gold Kayfun Lite+ Clones $44.99

The Kayfun design is evolving. While many of the cloners have already been making multiple versions of the famous RBA, they have all been variations of the original. Now we have a new twist on the new Kayfun lite + clones.

These would nicely compliment colored Nemesis tubes.

These would nicely compliment colored Nemesis tubes.

I know there are many vapors out there looking for a brass colored Kayfun to match their handful of brass mods, gold plating might be close enough. The Kayfun lite + is considered by many to be one of, if not the best RBA’s available. There are all the old features of the Kayfun lite, but with a few minor changes to the design. The most noticeable of the changes is the recessed fill hole in the bottom. This should take care of the leaking issues some users were getting with the Kayfun Lite or the Russian. Also the air flow control screw has been placed on the underneath as well. Personally I would remove the screw all together since I prefer a more airy vape.

Nicely done

Nicely done EHPro

I think Eciggity should be mentioned for the way they run their site. The Eciggity site is one of the nicest in the industry. Some other vendors could learn a bit from them. Each product is clearly labeled with the maker’s name right in the title. There are numerous large photos for each product. Each product has its own unique description laid out by the staff, rather than just a copy of the Alibaba blurb. All of these site features take the mystery out of ordering vaping gear online and really helps consumers like me who don’t have a local B&M store. Keep it up!

I almost want both, decisions, decisions

I almost want both, decisions, decisions

Currently the black version is in stock, and the gold version is at a preorder. Both versions include the M tank, the clear short tank and the steel tank.

Get yours here: http://www.eciggity.com/colored-kayfun-lite-plus-by-ehpro-larger-airflow-hole/