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Dual AFC Kayfun Lite Plus V2 By Ehpro $40.50

I try to stop posting about Kayfun clones, but I can’t help myself. With an even longer name than before the Kayfun has been enhanced once again. This new version is a variation of the Kayfun Lite Plus v2, but now there are 2 AFC’s to allow an even airier draw than before. I can see a ton of ways this can improve the latest Kayfun and I will be looking into getting one of these for myself.

There's no way to show the dual air intakes in one image, but you can see the control screws here.

There’s no way to show the dual air intakes in one image, but you can see the control screws here.

This version of the Kayfun Lite Plus looks like it has the classic top cap, and not the nano design that has been making the rounds. I always tried to get a proper dual coil in my Kayfuns, but it never really had the air/juice flow to accommodate the lower sub ohm coils. From the looks of the deck this version should have enough air flow despite the regular looking 510 pin. With sufficient air flow the last concern would be the wicking. When I first saw this listing I was hoping to see 4 juice channels at the deck, but this has the standard 2 channel layout. That does not mean dual coils are impossible, all you have to do is put a one sided wick into each well.

The only picture of the deck I could find

The only picture of the deck I could find

One of the vapers I was chatting with ran into a very interesting problem with a KFL+ that I wanted to point out. This involved a KFL+ and a Stingray. The AFC screw from the KFL+ was very loose when it was threaded onto the mod. The screw somehow loosened further at one point and locked the RBA onto the mod. So take a fair warning and either keep the AFC screw considerably recessed into the RBA or remove it, especially if the mod has a crown.

Don’t forget to use coupon code “reddit10” to bring the price to $40.50.

Get yours here http://www.eciggity.com/dual-airflow-kayfun-lite-plus-v2-clone-by-ehpro/


Kayfun Lite Plus V2 in Blue by Ehpro! $40.49

Things are definitely getting interesting. There are so many spin offs of the Kayfun clones that they are becoming difficult to track. Here we have the latest version of the Kayfun Lite Plus, but now in blue. Following the same path as the Nemesis tube clones, the Kayfun looks like it will become available in more and more colors. Performance wise this is considered to be the latest and greatest of Kayfun clones, and now it has a beautiful blue finish to add some variety to the mix.

EHPro is known for making the first, and the highest quality Kayfun clones

EHPro is known for making the first, and the highest quality Kayfun clones

The names for these atomizers just keeps getting longer and longer. I remember when there was just the Kayfun, then there was lite, now we have a whole story to tell in just saying the name of an evolved RBA. To break it down, this is the Plus version of the Kayfun Lite, which means the air flow control is going to be on the bottom of the atomizer. Being the EHPro v2 Kayfun lite means this RBA has an enlarged air intake. I really want to get a v2 for myself, because I’ve grown to like a very airy draw, and if the draw is too airy, you can always dial it down with the AFC. Much like the Svoe Mesto KFL this RBA has the new drip tip, which has two o-rings for added stability. The 510 connector ping is also adjustable so users attempting to use this mod with a hybrid adapter will be very happy.

The deck is unpainted, just the way I'd prefer.

The deck is unpainted, just the way I’d prefer.

The price for the EHPro Kayfuns has always been a bit higher than the alternatives from the Chinese suppliers. EHPro doesn’t supply the Chinese sites, so it is unlikely to get a better price overseas. For your money you get all the main accessories. Nicely camouflaged in the back of the photo you can see the clear tanks both the section and the full M tank. Hopefully this is opening doors for the future when we can mix and match parts and everyone will have their own unique atomizer and RBA. Most importantly this version has red o-orings, which outperform black o-rings according to the league of professional grade cloud contestants. Please don’t sue me.

Get yours here: http://www.eciggity.com/blue-kayfun-lite-plus-v2-larger-airflow-hole-by-ehpro/

Don’t forget to use coupon code “reddit10” to bring the price down 10%

EhPro Kayfun Lite Plus Clone, Gold or Bronze $34.99

I know there’s already a ton of Kayfun Lite clones out there, but this is an improved Kayfun Lite Plus similar to the black model I posted last week. Of all the clones made so far, this is the most promising. As stated before this all all the improvements of the Kayfun Lite Plus, over the original Kayfun Lite, as well as a small twist from Eh Pro to increase the air flow. There are also multiple finishes to choose from to match up with a variety of mods.

The whole line up to match any 22mm mod out there.

The whole line up to match any 22mm mod out there.

The newest addition to the line up is the Rose edition. With all the copper mods out there, this one is sure to be a hit. The Kayfun Lite Plus is considered by many to be the best rebuildable tank atomizer out there and this is a very good price on one.

Here is what the vendor is saying about it:

  • Diameter is 22mm
  • Capacity is around 4ml
  • Connection is 510 thread
  • Height with drip tip is 74mm
  • Height without drip tip is 52mm
  • One set including: 1 x silica wick
  • 1 x kanthal wire
  • 1 x mini screw driver
  • 2 x transparent tank(long one and shorter one)
  • 1 x ss with golden color atomizer (golden kayfun lite plus)
  • 4 x large o-rings
  • 2 x small o-rings
  • 1 x gift box
  • weight for one set is around 170g
  • the air holes is 2.0mm

I would expect this to ship sooner than other preorders, the expected ship date from China is today so the status may change soon.

Get yours here: http://www.vaportekusa.com/eh-pro-kayfun-lite-plus-v2-rose-edition-pre-order/

Use coupon code “5off” for an additional 5% discount.

Black And Gold Kayfun Lite+ Clones $44.99

The Kayfun design is evolving. While many of the cloners have already been making multiple versions of the famous RBA, they have all been variations of the original. Now we have a new twist on the new Kayfun lite + clones.

These would nicely compliment colored Nemesis tubes.

These would nicely compliment colored Nemesis tubes.

I know there are many vapors out there looking for a brass colored Kayfun to match their handful of brass mods, gold plating might be close enough. The Kayfun lite + is considered by many to be one of, if not the best RBA’s available. There are all the old features of the Kayfun lite, but with a few minor changes to the design. The most noticeable of the changes is the recessed fill hole in the bottom. This should take care of the leaking issues some users were getting with the Kayfun Lite or the Russian. Also the air flow control screw has been placed on the underneath as well. Personally I would remove the screw all together since I prefer a more airy vape.

Nicely done

Nicely done EHPro

I think Eciggity should be mentioned for the way they run their site. The Eciggity site is one of the nicest in the industry. Some other vendors could learn a bit from them. Each product is clearly labeled with the maker’s name right in the title. There are numerous large photos for each product. Each product has its own unique description laid out by the staff, rather than just a copy of the Alibaba blurb. All of these site features take the mystery out of ordering vaping gear online and really helps consumers like me who don’t have a local B&M store. Keep it up!

I almost want both, decisions, decisions

I almost want both, decisions, decisions

Currently the black version is in stock, and the gold version is at a preorder. Both versions include the M tank, the clear short tank and the steel tank.

Get yours here: http://www.eciggity.com/colored-kayfun-lite-plus-by-ehpro-larger-airflow-hole/

The EHPro Valkyrie Hybrid RDA Clone $54

Here’s another small discount to bring down the price on probably the hottest hybrid RDA clone to come out yet. The Valkyrie Hybrid RDA brought a new sleek style to the world of hybrid RDAs. There have been other hybrids to enter the market recently around the same price tag, but none of them look this sharp. The original Valkyrie from Vicious Ant has a shaky record. There are numerous reports of outstanding orders, and it is believed to all stem from a faulty switch. I’ve been told that fixing the design has pushed back the production and left many people waiting. I’ve also heard mixed results from owners, some have the issue and others are perfect. This clone from EHPro is supposed to have resolved the issue at the time of its release.

Bald and beautiful.

Bald and beautiful.

This version that is being offered has the logos omitted from the mod. I know this will make some vapers happy, and leave others looking for a 1:1 clone. I still think it looks excellent, albeit slightly lacking detail.

Not much to report on here.

Not much to report on here.

Everything looks pretty standard inside the cap. There’s two o-rings to hold the cap in place. The dish has a very small lip and contains 3 drilled posts. An allen wrench will not be required for the post screws, these are a standard Phillips. The cap allows for adjustable air flow control with an nice and wide slot on the side.

Bare bottom button, that's not easy to say

Bare bottom button, that’s not easy to say

With all the new concept RDA’s hitting the market, the standard 3 post design remains a favorite in the dripper community. One of the design features that I really like is the 18650 only battery tube. I constantly argue that making a hybrid rebuildable atomizer is dangerous in 18350 mode and the kind of people that want a pocket RDA probably will try to push the low ohms, or want to at some point. I use all of my RDAs with 18650’s only, sure I have some RBAs that I use in stealth mode like the Kayfun, but those are usually single coils.

Use coupon code Reddit10 and get yours here: http://www.eciggity.com/valkyrie-hybrid-clone-by-ehpro/


Coming Soon: The Helios Quad Terminal RDA Clone

I was browsing around new releases and came across a new find from EHpro. The Helios RDA featuring 4 terminals. I love the design of this dripper and it will probably be the next RDA I buy. I recently got myself an Igo w-3 and was rather frustrated trying to build a quad coil. With the Igo there are 4 negative posts and only 1 positive, I had a lot of trouble trying to get 4 coils through the small hole in the positive post. With the Helios design there is a split to the center post so you can attach two coils to each of the positive terminals making building a lot easier.

The posts look like an excited robot

The posts look like an excited robot

This alignment of the posts on this atomizer make changing cotton very easy as well. I prefer to have the posts in line so I can string 1 piece of cotton through the coils and not have bends all over the atomizer. I’ll admit the Helios certainly isn’t winning any beauty contests, but it does sure look tough. Remember to make sure you have suitable batteries and testing equipment to build quad coils. They can be very dangerous without the proper precautions.

Looks innocent enough

Looks innocent enough

I wouldn’t be surprised to see this atomizer showing up in stores in January, that all matters if they ship before the Chinese New Year. I’d say expect a retail price of $20-$30 and the first wave should sell out.


The New Trident V2 Clone $20.00

The next RDA clone to hit shelves will be the Trident V2. The original was made by Grand Vapor and usually goes for $80, now the clone made by EHPro is available for 1/4 the price. The v1 Trident Clone is currently my favorite RDA. There’s many reasons to like the original and it seems the new version has made some significant improvements.

Its all about those posts

Its all about those posts

I find the post design of the Trident to be the best of any I tried. They have large slotted posts that you just lay the legs of the coil across the slot in the post and tighten the screw down. I recently build a quad coil into mine, and found it much easier than my earlier attempt at putting 4 coils in the Igo w-3. The airflow adjustments have also been reworked. You can see in the above picture that the air flow controls have been moved to a ring, rather than the whole siding of the atomizer. This would mean you won’t have to realign the air holes every time you want to open up the RDA and drip more.

The logo is "Special"

The logo is “Special”

Here’s what the site says about it:

  • – Easy Adjust for air holes
  • – Airholes adjust like prometheus
  • – Easy Twist and Turns
  • – Easier Top Cap Removal
  • – Better Insulators
  • – Stainless Steel
  • – Copper Positive
  • – 2 Adjustable Airflow Hole
  • – Twist-On Airflow Control
  • – 3 Pole
  • – Serialized

You can pick this up at http://lnhvapes.com/index.php?id_product=86&controller=product

They also have a great deal on Nemesis/Chi You switch magnets as well, and it looks like they will carry magnets for all the new models coming out http://lnhvapes.com/index.php?id_product=111&controller=product