The Magma RDA Clone $15.79

Here’s a nice price cut on a highly anticipated RDA. The clones of the Magma have been rolling out and they are a replica of one of the most popular RDAs in the vaping community. There are lots of reasons to like the Magma RDA, and it is built to appease the most finicky cloud chasers out there. The original has been in short supply and has endlessly been out of stock at many vaping sites. Now anyone can get their hands on this RDA for a fraction of the original’s price. Here is another example of the cloners stepping up where opportunity knocks.

There's something in the well!

There’s something in the well!

There is a lot going on in this little RDA. The Magma has a particularly deep well and it claims to hold up to 40 drop of e-liquid. Anyone who has ever tried DIY e-liquid hates the word drops. Different flavors and different mixtures have different surface tensions, so a drop is a mere approximation of measurement. Deep inside the well there is an insulator nice and safely tucked away, hidden from the scolding coils. The posts are especially tall to keep the coils away from the insulators and over the air flow channels. The posts are even welded to the base of the atomizer to prevent shifting around or questionable connections. Where the Origen V1 RDA made separate juice wells, the Magma joined them together so there is no worry of running dry on one end.

Not the smallest RDA, but they really pack the features into this guy

Not the smallest RDA, but they really pack the features into this guy

This RDA screams durable. They looked at the standard top cap designs and decided to put an AFC ring rather than drilling right through the top cap. The AFC ring on this mod resembles swiss cheese with its 9 air holes. My favorite part about this RDA is the lack of o-rings. Now o-rings definitely get the job done when you gotta make a seal, I’d just rather not need them at all. I have broken countless o-rings, and having a leaky atomizer can ruin your day. The posts in the atomizer are drilled out nice and wide, and instead of needing an Allen key, they use a flat head design, so no special tools required. All parts considered this looks like a sure winner, and for $16 the amount of craftsmanship involved here definitely makes this a bargain.

I'm pretty sure this is the first time I've seen the Paradigm logo.

I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve seen the Paradigm logo, somehow it dodges photos.

Here is what the site says about it:

  • Stainless steel construction
  • 22mm in diameter
  • Two 3.97mm wide poles (screw type – shoot and screw) easier to rebuild and better conductivity
  • New technology – dual DIRECT TO COIL air-hole for maximized flavor and vapor
  • 9 air holes on the outer casing
  • Extended juice basin – can hold up to 40 drops of juice with minimal change of leakage (for a dripper)
  • Poles are welded to the base for durability
  • Positive insulator hidden in the base to avoid melting
  • O-ring less – to make it maintenance free
  • Dome chamber top cap for better flavor

Get yours here:


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