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DNA30 DiY Board Clone $27

This is big news. Finally the DiY community can build a DNA30 mod on the cheap. This deal really enables the vaping community to try their ideas at a homemade DNA30 mod. Up until now the DNA30 boards have been very scarce and difficult to acquire. I was able to get one by staying up all night during the release and I’ve fiddled with a box mod, but I had to treat the board like it was an exotic bird. I was too terrified to really try any variation on the design since I wouldn’t be able to replace the board if I fried it. Now I can really test my skill at soldering and compact design, without much conern for the health of the board. This deal is sure to cause a spark of innovation from the vaping community.

Micro USB charging port included!

Micro USB charging port included!

At first glance this looks just like the kit I paid $60 for. It’s got all the same pin outs and the same standard design. This is sure to cause a surge of demand for Hammond project boxes, Altoid tins and NES controllers. When I attempted to build my own box mod I had a very difficult time finding quality components. The preassembled 510 connectors I tried turned out to be junk, niether of the 2 I bought were near the quality of any of my mods. The battery holders available are also rather lackluster, I’m hoping to see new higher quality components hit the market soon. We might even start seeing preassembled boards with customizeable parts, like a DiY essentials kit, that would be nice.

I wonder if it says Hana when it boots...

I wonder if it says Hana when it boots…

Here is what Fasttech is saying about it:

  • Variable Wattage from 7W-30W in .1 watt increment
  • OLED display shows battery charge state, volts and ohms
  • Micro-USB charging port
  • Compatible with 0.5ohm~3.3ohm atomizers
  • Input voltage/current: 3.2-4.3V/1.5-7A
  • Output voltage/current: 4-8V/10A

Get yours here: http://www.fasttech.com/products/0/10007864/1735400-hana-modz-pack-dna-30-vw-modules

There is a DNA20 available for $2 less, but don’t bother.


Presenting The ZNA30 Link Edition! $279.00

With the release of a new board already the new mods are to follow. The ZNA30 was a device I first saw on Pbusardo’s Vapercon interview with Zen and I first laid eyes on an earlier version of this beauty. Now I get to see rumored pictures of the special release day edition.

Steammonkey himself describes the mod: "I tried to get him to call it the Rocketeer. It's got a total industrial "sears tower" sorta thing going on"

Steammonkey himself describing the mod “I tried to get him to call it the Rocketeer. It’s got a total industrial “sears tower” sorta thing going on”

I think it looks great, and my first impression was to say a futuristic bomber jacket, I think Steammonkey nailed it.

Just look at that button

Just look at that button

This is a great example of a beautiful yet functional design. This mod is supposed to be going on sale later today (1/16/14) you can even select to get a notification from the site on the product link.

In case you want to know it's power

In case you want to know it’s power

Get your ZNA30 from From here for $290: Steammonkey
Or from here for $320: Alternate vendor
The regular edition is $279 here: Regular version


The DNA30 Hits Shelves!

I wish I had more info, but the DNA30 was put up for sale, and is currently in stock! (1/16/14 12:00am est)

30 Watts!

30 Watts!

This is a controller board for Variable Wattage mods. The older model has been featured in some of the most talked about mods from last year, and it is sure to make a splash this year. This board allows users to fire atomizers as low as .5 ohms at 7-30 watts. That translates as a maximum of 8.3 volts of battery output! Good luck getting your hands on one of these, some vendors have been waiting patiently with mods in need of a brain. A good example would be Steam Monkey who has announced the ZNA 30 and in celebration placed the Link (hybrid atomizer) on sale for $75.00.

This is big news for the vaping community, keep your eyes peeled for new releases equipped with this board hitting shelves.

Here is Evolv’s link for the DNA30 http://www.evolvapor.com/shop.php

Here is the data sheet http://www.evolvapor.com/datasheet/dna30.pdf

And here is Steam Monkey’s ZNA30 mod page. http://www.evolvapor.com/datasheet/dna30.pdf

For The Control Freaks Out There. The Kick Clone 2 For $10.99 Now Delivering 5-15w

For those that don’t know what a kick is I’ll try a brief explanation. The kick is a drop in variable wattage controller for your e-cig mechanical mod. This allows you to set a consistent wattage for your mech mod so the voltage does not drop as the battery loses charge. This is to ensure a consistent vaping experience without having to change batteries all day. These also provide short protection so there is another small benefit.

5w to 15w and everything in between

5w to 15w and everything in between

Side profile 5-15w

Side profile 5-15w

Most mods that are not telescopic require a beauty ring or a kick ring to extend the tubes to accommodate this little guy. You just set this to your desired wattage, slam it into your mod and start vaping with science.

Taken from the site:

  • Height:17mm / 0.67 in
  • Diameter: 18.1mm / 0.71 in
  • Environment-friendly PCB
  • Output 5.0 to 15.0 Watts
  • Atomizer Resistance – 1.3 ohms to 3.5 ohm
  • Short circuit protection
  • This 15W version is update from 12W version,and they use the same pcb.
  • 18650 mod tube: use IMR18500/IMR18490 + kick 15W
  • 18500 mod tube: use IMR18350 + kick 15W

Get yours at http://www.desire-ecig.com/Variable-Wattage-Evolv-Kick-Clone-15W