The Nemi Clone Preorder $40

Edit: The price keeps changing, as of 5/10 2:00am EST it is at a new low of $40.

It seems like everything releases in preorders now. Here is easily the best 14500 mod clone to date. The Nemesis or Nemi is the most popular mod of the past year and there’s plenty of reasons why. Personally I own 3 Nemesis clones and I can’t bring myself to sell any of them. They are as reliable as mods get. They come in a great variety of styles, and all of them perform excellent.

Slimming down for the summer

Slimming down for the summer

The details on this clone are pretty non-existent so far. The original Nemi featured a solid tube for a 14500 battery and an extension for a 14650. This mod is a slender 17mm in diameter, which would pair up nicely with a Kayfun mini (2.1) or a Taifun GS. This has all the great features of the original, like the iconic switch, which I assume ships with a spring. The adjustable 510 pin in the Nemesis works perfect with any atomizer and allows for a nice flush mount. This version comes in the very popular brushed stainless mixed design or in a brushed copper mixed option, both look great. I’m sure this is just the first place to offer this mod, and soon we’ll be drowning in Nemi clones.

Brand new photo that was just uploaded

Brand new photo that was just uploaded

Get yours here: This is a preorder, note the colorful disclaimer on the listing.


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