Black Copper Stingray Clone, 18mm Version $29.99

The Black Copper Stingray clone is popping up all over the place. There are a handful of suppliers all offering very similar clones, but I decided to give this one a shot for myself. There’s a couple reasons why I picked the one I did in particular. The main reason would be that I am a budget vaper and the price was right for me. This is a supplier with a “US warehouse” that claims to ship in as soon as 2 business days. Lastly this version appears to be a very close clone and has the specs I was looking for.

Maybe the drip tip is included?

Maybe the drip tip is included?

I’m going out on a limb here, but I think they will include the drip tip with this one. I have over 50 drip tips already, but why stop collecting now. The tubes are copper, as they should be. The 510 pin appears to be silver plated copper. The switch should be magnetic, but there are no clear images of the button’s insides. I have seen some other listings say they had a spring, but I am skeptical of those being produced. The Stingray button is the most distinguished feature of the mod. There are two mounted magnets that very effectively provide resistance for the switch. Some of the Stingray clones sold so far have been reported as having wobbly or weak switches. Even one of the brass ones I ordered before would stick until I polished the inner brass ring. Hopefully this is a good one, or I will be swapping with the button from my brass version.

3 Tubes! 3 locking rings!

3 Tubes! 3 locking rings for 18350 through 18650 batteries.

I really like the solid tube design of this version. The Stingray usually has its beautifully seamless extension tubes, but I would take a solid tube over extensions any day. All things considered I think this might be the winner for a low price Copper Stingray clone.

Update: Apparently these are similar to the Asmart unit from Whitestagvapor, I have just received an email regarding my order and the faulty button:

I am Doris from Angelcigs company. Thank you so much for supporting Angelcigs.
I am writing to tell you that there is a problem with the black Stingray 18650 mod you bought from us. Please pay attention to the firing button. If you screw it tightly, the mod fires up all by itself. We will send a new firing button to you next Monday
We are so sorry about it. We just found out this problem today. It is our fault. Please accept our sincere apology. Your understanding will be highly appreciated.
At least they are correcting the issue without any action on my end, hopefully other people know of the issue before they order.

Get yours here:


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