The Magma RDA Clone By Infinite Preorder $31.99

One of the biggest RDA’s of the year is coming to the clone market. The highly sought after Magma RDA has been cloned. This is a unique RDA design that challenges the “standard” three post layout that most RDA’s tend to use today. RDA’s have seen a lot of attempts at rebuilding the wheel, but many will argue that the Magma is the standout in form and functionality.

Everything appears to be exactly like the original, except the price

Everything appears to be exactly like the original, except the price

Features are how you win at the RDA game. Vapers don’t want simple, but they want something easy. Here are two nicely bored out posts that lead a coil right over the bottom feeding air flow channels. Notice that the holes in the posts are actually aimed the right way for this, unlike some other RDAs I’ve experienced. There is plenty of selection in the AFC (Air Flow Control) ring, everything from dual 1mm up to dual 3mm are available to suit a variety of tastes. There is a particularly deep juice well. This helps the lazy drippers like me who can’t always hold a mod in one hand and a juice bottle in the other. I’ve heard that it can hold up to 40 drops of e-liquid, but feel free to count for yourself. This RDA is a little bigger than some alternatives, this is due to the larger well, and bottom fed air flow channels. If you needed a reason to buy another dripper, this clone should be near the top of your list.

Here is what the site is saying about it:

  • 2 Poles designed for durability
  • Dual Bottom Airhole directly below the coils
  • External independent Air Flow Control
  • Comes with a mini tank for ease of use that can hold up to 40 drops

Shipping is expected May 14th, get yours here:


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