The Big Nasty Clone Preorder $34.99

Again with the 26650 mods. Here is The Big Nasty mod with its tasteful design and tough stainless steel exterior. Lately there has been a shortage of the originals of mods and the cloners are pumping out their renditions to fulfill the gaps in supply. This is not the first Big Nasty clone to hit the market, but it is the closest to a 1:1 replica that I’ve seen.

Probably the nicest 26650 clone to date

Probably the nicest 26650 clone to date

Probably my favorite feature of this mod is what is hidden below the switch. This version has a recessed firing button that lies within the frame of the button. This design is to prevent accidentally firing the mod by storing it upright. The button in this version is supposed to be a spring unlike the original’s magnets. I really like the way the top cap tapers down to 23mm. It might look a little weird with a 28mm atomizer, but so far everything I own is 21-23mm which would fit nicely here. All the contacts are copper and they are adjustable. This looks like a winner to me.

Here is what the site is saying about it:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Copper Contacts
  • Adjustable 510 & Negative Pin
  • Deep Cut Air Channels
  • Lock Ring
  • Spring operate switch

Get yours here:

Expected to ship 5-23-14


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