Such Mod The Doge-Ray 26650 Copper – Soldout

I don’t usually write about sold out mods, but I’m writing this one for myself. I wish I checked earlier, but this would have been the 26650 for me. This is more of a personal interest article rather than a heads up for a new deal. Not too long ago I became fascinated with the Dogecoin community and cryptocurrency in general. The ability to digitally send money to a recipient any where in the world in just seconds is amazing. There is no bank required, no taxes to pay, and transfers cost far less than a cent each. Upon joining the “Shibes” and becoming involved in the Dogecoin community I learnt that it wasn’t about the money, it was about spending it.

So copper, much stingray clone, many vape

Such copper, very stingray clone, many vape

When I saw only 100 of these will ever be made I died a bit inside. Between visits of the Dogecoin and Vaping communities I recognized a lot of the same users providing content for each. I began to notice how similar the two really are. Both communities are trying to spread new ideas to skeptics. They fight using facts and innovation to overcome old fashioned ideas. Both communities suffer from regulations and uninformed media coverage. Most importantly both strive to promote health, technology, and fun. I can see how the vaping community can benefit from Dogecoin and its joyful following. Many stores have struggled to find payment processors that could work around the limitations and regulations of Paypal, and this might be the answer. I’ve already seen a few vendors that accept Dogecoin and I’m sure there will be more on the way. Vapers, Shibes, keep spreading the good word.

You can see the listing for the mod here:

To learn about Dogecoin visit Introduce yourself, get tips! It is quite possibly the friendliest place on the internet.


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