Black Stingray 26650 Preorder $35.23 Shipped

I can’t say enough about this mod. The clone has swept across retailers and very quickly climbed in popularity to become the hottest mod available. Right now there is a craze for 26650 mods and all kinds of colored atomizers to complete the ideal vape. There have been other clone 26650 mods available for at a few weeks now, but none as sleek and feature filled as the Stingray.

This version looks to be a 1:1 26650 version of the popular clone

This version looks to be a 1:1 26650 version of the popular clone

I already got myself 2 of the brass version of the Stingray clone, and have to struggle to find any complaints. My single complaint about my mods is not even a very valid point. The brass was not “Phantom Brass” like the original… I think. No one really knows what that is anyways. This model avoids that issue all together with a black media blasted finish that won’t turn your hands blue when the brass develops patina.

The proportions make this look just like the 18350 version with no size scale

The proportions make this look just like the 18350 version with no size scale, on second thought, I do think this is a fattened 18350 version

The features of this bottom firing mod is what really makes it so popular. The contacts are all silver plated to provide a minimal voltage drop. The design of the battery ventilation in the trim is second to none. The floating 510 connector is nearly fail proof and has performed excellent for my atomizers. I would like readers to note there are multiple versions of this mod coming to the market, all arriving around the end of April. This one has the lowest price yet. The features tend to vary between all the models. This one is listed as having a spring loaded switch, which would be the first of the Stingray clones I’ve seen to do so.

Edit: I’ve read other Black Stingray Clones have been shipped with springs instead of the magnetic switch, I can only suspect this might follow suit.

Hopefully the specs are mistaken, because the magnetic switch really ties this mod together. I also have not seen another black Stingray clone to put the logo on a stainless steel button, so I hope the vendor clarifies this listing, not all the pictures are of the same mod.

They got the logo on the button and maybe a SS version is on the way.

They got the logo on the button and maybe a SS version is on the way.

Here is what the site is saying about it:

  • Fully mechanical
  • Floating Center pin
  • 30mm in diameter
  • Spring loaded bottom firing switch with a locking mechanism for safety
  • Laser etched logo
  • Houses a 26650 battery “not included”

Get yours here:

I’ve participated in two different preorders from Vaportekusa and I was not disappointed at all, they are a great vendor in my opinion. Don’t forget to use code 5off for a 5% discount on your order.


9 thoughts on “Black Stingray 26650 Preorder $35.23 Shipped

    1. Vineyard Vapes Post author

      I have to research your site a little more before I write about it, but that looks like a good deal. The shipping makes it cost more than the previous deal, and there are no reviews so I am a little skeptical. I like to hear about new resources and I hope you work on the site so I get a new shop to check out. Thanks for the info!

      Two of the pictures of the mod show an inverse laser engraving on the button, is that a mistake, or is that the mod you are shipping?

  1. Arvid Sollom

    I’ve run into a version of the stingray from ebay that was sold with essentially the nemesis button instead. The 26650 if spring loaded is likely using this nemesis version. I also noted that the Fairygift one was also a nemesis style button even if it does have magnets. Small disappointments as I felt that the Brass Stingray clone had one of the best buttons I’ve seen.

    1. Vineyard Vapes Post author

      I love my brass version, the adjustable throw, mounted magnets and venting are what really make the differences. I’ve even got two different versions of that button, one of my clones doesn’t have a screwdriver slot in the silver plated pin. I’ve noticed it has a squishy feel compared to the other. I always promote that listings should be more informative in this industry, it would avoid surprises when unboxing mods.


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