Hana Modz Clone, No Logo DNA 30 Preorder $77.98 Shipped!

Here is a sight to behold. While people are still clambering to get their hands on the new DNA 30 Hana Mod, the cloners are scooping up all the demand and reaching them with a supply of their own. Now there is definitely some information here to be skeptical about, and there are a lot of foggy details surrounding this new release, but this will send a massive shock wave through the vaping community regardless.

This offer will not have logos, but will be a 1:1 replica

This offer will not have logos, but will be a 1:1 replica

The price here is crazy. The original Hana Modz comes in full size or mini for over $260 and flies off the shelf at that price. This is less than one third of that so it will certainly be a hot commodity. This version is going to be available in 5 colors much like the original. Since this is the full size Hana, it has a 2400mah battery and a built in 500mah charger. Everything here looks to be exactly like the original, and skeptics like me will anxiously await a proper review.

Vape the rainbow

Vape the rainbow

There is lots to love about the Hana. They feature a tasteful color selection, a nicely recessed 510 connector, and of course the DNA board. To put the price in perspective, this is cheaper than it would be to actually build your own DNA 30. Hopefully these clones perform as advertised. This is a major development in the clone world bringing the first DNA 30 clone even before there has been an available DNA 20 clone.

Here is what the site is saying about it:

  • Compact size ~ 3.1″ x 2.1″ x 1″ Aluminum body
  • Custom milled display screen with a flush fit to the outside of the box
  • 2400 mAh Li-po
  • Flush 510 connector
  • Flush dome style Fire Button
  • 7 – 30 watts
  • 4 – 8.3 volts
  • 0.4 – 3.0Ω Atomizer Resistance
  • On-board USB charging @500mA
  • LED shows Red while charging and Green when fully charged
  • Micro USB wall charger & USB dust cover included

Get yours here: http://www.vaportekusa.com/hana-modz-clone-dna-30-chip-no-logo-pre-order/ Don’t forget to use coupon code 5off to bring the price down by $4




One thought on “Hana Modz Clone, No Logo DNA 30 Preorder $77.98 Shipped!

  1. Dennis Curry

    Ordered black and green as soon as I seen this! Hope it’s as good as the original and I love that it won’t have the logo. Should be very clean looking. 🙂


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