The Sony VTC5 2500mah 30A Battery $8.55 or Less

The current reigning champion of vaping batteries, the Sony VTC5 is in stock and priced below $9 apiece. I’m sure eventually these batteries will drop closer to $7 each once they are universally in stock, but that supply and demand drive the prices right now. Fasttech had these in stock for a glimpse below $8 each, but that deal has been long gone.

The undisputed king of 18650's right now

The undisputed king of 18650’s right now

The technology for IMR batteries has been growing exceptionally fast. 3-4 months ago there was the 1600mah (VTC3) and almost right afterwards came the VTC4 at 2100mah, and I really believed that was as good as it could get. I went all in and bought 8 of them. I am now slightly regretting that decision in anticipation of VTC5’s performance. What makes the VTC series standout is the continuous discharge rate of 30A. Some competitors are pushing pulse discharge batteries with higher ratings, but the sub-ohm community has made their decision and this is the battery to own. Get yours here:¬† Thanks for the tip Drew!


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