The “Female” 4Nine Mechanical Mod $185

The 4Nine was a big hit when it recently hit the market. Most vendors sold out the preorder overnight leaving vapers scanning all the retailers to try and get their hands on one. A unique design and nicely integrated features made the 4Nine a smash hit, and now there is a brass version for the gold lovers out there like myself.

A nice material swap on the original.

A nice material swap on the original.

Just about everything is the same between the brass version and the original stainless steel 4Nine, awesome. Where size is a factor and buzz words like “Hybrid” are tossed around, Tarsius put a new twist on the way we look at top caps. This top cap is more like a plate rather than a full fledged cap. This mod saves valuable pocket space by turning your atomizer’s 510 pin into the battery contact. Sure this might be a problem with some atomizers and some battery combinations, but I think its a great step forward for mechanical mods. I wouldn’t be surprised to see more mods with this style top cap popping up in the next few months.

Looks simple when you break it down

Looks simple when you break it down

The brass version of this mod will cost you roughly $15 more than the steel counterpart. For that you get all the same great features. There is a magnetic switch, that is nicely ventilated and properly insulated. The tubes have a seamless design which makes the extensions almost unnoticeable. Besides that it looks great.

Here is what the site is says about it:

  • Magnetic switch for the firing button
  • Brass Body
  • Stainless SteelTop Cap and Switch
  • Seamless tubes accommodates 18350, 18490 or 18650 button top batteries
  • Very compact size
  • Engraved / Serialized Button

Get yours here:


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