More Stingray Clones! 26650 Version Checking In $44 Shipped

I wish I had some good photos of this mod, but I think we can all imagine what it looks like. I would imagine a fatter version of the other Stingray mod clones. The description for this one says that it is black copper, but I see no black on any pictures I could find, this leads me to believe that a stainless steel version is in the near future as well. I didn’t originally post this mod because the ordering window was so narrow, but it has been extended for another day, and maybe more.

Doesn't look very black to me, but that top cap is definitely copper

Doesn’t look very black to me, but that top cap is definitely copper

There are a couple things about this photo that I don’t like. The obvious is the lack of a black Stingray, but there are a few noticeable inconsistencies besides that. The first thing that struck me was the scale Stingray on the left, it has an all stainless steel top cap. The tubing on the Stingray on the left has a very noticeable seam as well. I am under the impression that the 26650 Stingray prototype is still being developed, because the 26650 version has a noticeable gap below the top cap. This mod is known as the TurboGrafix16 edition so it does have some nice 90’s nostalgia built in. That is the little I could find about this mod so far, hopefully more details roll around, because I know lots of vapers out there are looking for a more tasteful 26650 than the Hades.

Get in on the preorder here:


5 thoughts on “More Stingray Clones! 26650 Version Checking In $44 Shipped

  1. Martin

    Well I missed out on this one… anyone happen to know how I can contact the guy doing the order and still get one?

    1. Vineyard Vapes Post author

      This was a weird offering for Congrevape, usually they put a week deadline on gear and this one was set for only a day at a time. They reopened the offer before, hopefully they do it again, but this mod is before the preorder stage right now. I haven’t even seen a decent photo of a black prototype. I wouldn’t be too worried if you missed out on this offer, I’m sure other vendors will be starting their preorders once it is available.


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