The Lotus RDA Clone $11.62

Not too long ago I wrote an article about the authentic Lotus RDA, and now we have the clone available. This clone costs about 10% of what the original cost, and appears to have 100% of the style. Some of the materials might be a bit different, but I am straining to find a difference in design from the original by Tactical Workz.

The grooves on the sleeve look excellent

The grooves on the sleeve look excellent

Honestly the price on this RDA is $11.62, how can you go wrong with this. Usually when an RDA creeps into the $10 range they the simple 3 post design and a flat sleeve. This mod is covered in details and really makes me wonder how they can manage to go so low on the price. I did notice that this clone also includes a drip tip, go big or go home, right? The drip tip included with this RDA is anything but modest. You get an adapter to change the standard fit into a threaded design. Then you get the threaded insulator, then the insulator’s insulator, and then finally the threaded drip tip. In all that is 4 pieces to assemble a drip tip, I’m not sure what kind of statement they were making here, but the drip tip practically dwarfs the mod.

The most complicated drip tip in the world

The most complicated drip tip in the world

Usually RDA’s follow a standard layout with 3 posts, a well, and a sleeve for air flow control. This atomizer jacks up each part of that layout. Instead of 3 posts for dual coils, you get 4 posts for tri-coils. There’s no standard drilled out air flow here either, instead there is a triangular cut that is intended to help the air circulate the chamber better and provide better intake. The sleeve has some excellent knuckles to make adjusting the air flow nice and easy. This clone is even supposed to have the flavor control system that is supposed to boost the flavor of your juice. This kind of reminds me of how old PC’s used to have a turbo button, who wouldn’t just leave it on all the time?

Add a tasteful drip tip and this can be a beauty

Add a tasteful drip tip and this can be a beauty

Here is what Fasttech is saying about it:

  • New feature called Flavor Control (FC): This feature is conceptualized to boost up the flavor of your e-juice once you activate it. For example, when your e-juice is getting dry, just open the FC and you will experience a stronger taste of your e-juice
  • Triangular AFC for better air intake circulation
  • Quad posts design, with 3 negative posts and 1 positive post
  • Engraved name on top cap and logo on bottom
  • Large juice well to hold a large amount of juice
  • Height without drip tip: 34.7mm
  • Adjustable drip tip

Get yours here:


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