Presenting The APO RDA by Tykomi Enterprise $90.00

Congrevape has come back to life and brought us a new RDA with details that give a new feel. Copper has been very popular lately for mods and now it has extended to atomizers. This is the atomizer that wants to make sure you know its name. The APO has most of the standard features found in the current RDAs with a new look.

The atomizer with a name badge.

The atomizer with a name badge.

In my mind this resembles cross between the Origin and the Patriot. I’ve always wanted a copper mod and I bet this would make a nice hat for one. This RDA features a silver plated RDA pin, and the favored inline 3 post dish. The dish has a very noticeable lip and a single o-ring. There are 2 o-rings to give the copper AFC ring a smooth ride around the ovular 1.5-2mm air slots. The listing is unclear about the layout of the air flow holes in the copper, but the specs mention “it can” use a singular I like what they did with the post screws and I’m surprised they did not feature it in a photo.

nice flat top design with the sloted post screws

nice flat top design with the slotted post screws

You may have noticed that image is not from the listing, but it was a shame not to show how nicely those screws are nestled into the posts.

Here is what Congrevape says about it:

  • 22mm diameter
  • Silver coated positive pin
  • Tri pole with juice well
  • Dual Cyclops AH 2mm and 1.5mm
  • Can also use single Air hole
  • High temp insulator
  • Copper AFC ring

Get yours here:


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