The Trident V2 RDA Clone $14.99

I know some people out there are waiting for the Chinese vendors to pick up the Trident V2 Clone, but how much cheaper can it get? I constantly mention my love for the Trident atomizer. I’ve loved the clone since I’ve started dripping and in my opinion it is the easiest atomizer to coil hands down. The slotted posts are awesome for dual or quad coils and really help mounting the coils without mutating them.

The logo might have been designed by someone's teenage child.

The logo might have been designed by someone’s teenage child.

There are some subtle changes between the V2 and the V1 of the Trident RDA. The drip tip is an easy place to start the discussion, but it’s very easy to disregard. The logo reminds me a bit of the Toys R Us logo. On the bright side, the airflow controller has been completely reworked. Originally the air holes were in the bottom half of the atomizer, and to adjust it you would have to spin the outer shell without anywhere to really grip the atomizer. Now the air flow control is a simple little ring resting between the base and threaded top.

The deck is the same but the foundation is all new

The deck is the same but the foundation is all new

Let’s be honest here, the Trident is not the prettiest RDA out there. There’s a few mods out there that truly line up all the horizontal lines in a nice package. At this point I should mention that the Panzer clone has come out and I think they make a nice pair. As per usual 101Vape does not have much to say about this atomizer as far as specs, but it looks inline with the previous releases. The 510 pin is copper, and the rest looks to be stainless steel. I can’t spot any semblance of chromed brass in this atomizer so the rest looks to be standard. I don’t know why I don’t have one of these yet, maybe because I still use my V1 and can’t find a new flavor to try.

Get yours here:


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