The Sony VTC4 $5.94 Each

This might be the greatest bargain I’ve posted yet. The top of the line battery just became available for under $6 apiece. I’ve said enough about these batteries so far, but I don’t think I can really say enough about these batteries. Hands down they are the best battery I’ve bought so far and now they are cheaper than most batteries, just buy them if you can deal with the delayed shipping.

I ordered a spare half dozen when I saw this.

I ordered a spare half dozen when I saw this.

I haven’t had a single problem with my Sony vtc4’s yet, and I’ve been using them nonstop for weeks. The difference between these and the VTC3 1600mah is very noticeable. Since I’ve upgraded I’ve had to change my batteries almost half as often. I don’t run my batteries dry, but when I notice a voltage drop I simply just swap my batteries. These hold an excellent charge and deliver a nice 30a continuous discharge. I’ve already ordered 4 of them and the shipping date keeps jumping, so I’d get them while you can.

Get yours here:


6 thoughts on “The Sony VTC4 $5.94 Each

  1. Kevin Reilly

    I was thinking the same thing. I have authentic Sony vtc4’s I got from a reputable source. IMO they’re the best batteries on the market. But this seems way too cheap for them. Personally I probably wouldn’t buy batteries from fasttech. I got mine as a set of 2 for 21$ and that’s the cheapest I’ve seen. This just seems to good to be true ya know?

    1. Vineyard Vapes Post author

      I’ll be honest, I post about Trianglevape carrying them for $7 each all the time and those are authentic. This Fasttech deal at a little over a dollar less each doesn’t seem too far fetched.

      1. Kevin Reilly

        Awesome, thanks! FT just scares me sometimes. I’ve bought quite a bit from them over the past couple years and it just seems to be hit or miss some of the time.

  2. christpher holbrook

    Thanks, hopefully they are real, I found some pictures of other fake batteries people have bought from fasttech, they weren’t sony’s but it was enough to scare me off. I hope they are real but I can’t risk even small amounts of money, because my pockets are tight.

    1. Kevin Reilly

      I checked out triangle vapes. $7.00 a pop is a great deal and like the author said above he knows first hand that they’re real so I’d check out triangle vapes! I got mine from they come as pairs or in fours. I got a pair for something like $21.35 and its free shipping. So yeah check out triangle vapes or jet batteries 🙂


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