The Storm A RDA Preorder $27.99, Possible Origen v2 clone

Right on the heels of the Origen V2 preorder announcement The Storm A is announced. This certainly is not a 1:1 clone, but the differences may just be aesthetics. The Origen RDA has been in very high demand since its release and is highly regarded among the crazed RDA fans. Even the original can be difficult to find, but this may just be the opening of the flood gates for its clone.

Details are foggy so far

Details are foggy so far

The name is a little strange, The Storm A. I don’t know why it wasn’t just listed as an Origen clone. Now this replica looks a little rough around the edges compared to the original. I refer to this as a V2 clone due to the appearance of the short stature and because the center pin is stainless steel. With those similarities considered, there are some changes as well. The center post is not completely threaded like the Origen, it also looks like the coil hole might sit lower in the chamber. I also don’t see any insulator separating the post from the dish. The finish on the Storm also appears to be a uniform brushed steel as opposed to the brushed/polished Origen v2. Probably the most noticeable difference is the juice wells. I am unsure whether these are unified like the Origen V2’s but in this RDA they are ovular and are not curved like “the original.”

Not the same, but still looks great

Not the same, but still looks great

This is a very significant release in the RDA market. Until now we were getting fed countless clones of the more simple designed RDA’s with the standard designs. Now the cloners are beginning  to release much more sophisticated designs like the 3d and this Origen giving the vapers a chance to own some semblance of the $100+ RDAs. I’m sure more details will become available soon.

This preorder is expected to ship around mid-March. Get yours here:


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