The Youde Igo-W RDA $6.78

It is great to have Fasttech back. They finally are back and adding their ambiguous clones to their line up. Now they have re-added the fan favorite the Igo-W. It seems no one is really sure yet if this is a clone or a genuine Youde product. You can decide for yourself.

Looks just like the others...

Looks just like the others…

This Igo-W is listed at 20mm width, which is the regular size at 2mm smaller than most mods. There are 3 drilled out posts with convenient Phillips head screws. The air holes look to be about 1.5mm and you get them on both sides of the RDA, so no drilling required there. The center post has a nice insulator and looks just like the original. The 510 pin is not adjustable, which is also just like the original. There are dual o-rings around the base to hold the cap snugly in place. Honestly for the price I can’t find a single thing wrong with this RDA.

Get your own drip tip!

Get your own drip tip!

This is really a no-brainer and they ship in 5 business days. Pick yours up here:


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