Hana V3 Preorder $249, V3 Mini Preorder Same Price

With all the recent buzz about the DNA30 chips being released everyone has been wondering when and where they can get one in a mod. A few lucky people got ZNA mods, but there are also a lot of fans that have been waiting for a new Hana. The Hana Mod has been around for a while and the new updated V3 will be churning out variable wattage up to 30 watts.

They sure are a colorful bunch

They sure are a colorful bunch

I don’t feature many box mods on my site, but when they’re this noteworthy they can’t be ignored. The Hana v3 takes a 18650 battery and gives it quite some flexibility. There is a built in DNA charging board with a micro USB port for charging. Otherwise it is pretty simple in its features which would be standard across the board for most DNA30 devices.

The more classic colors

The more classic colors

The alternative would be to pay $30 and get a ZNA which some vapers might prefer, if they could get one. I see it as the Hana being the mod you can beat on, and the ZNA would get polished and shined regularly. Some of the users who managed to already snag a DNA30 mod have complained about the battery life. I think this might be more of an issue with the Hana Mini which has a built in 1200mah battery. Usually when I think of a box mod I think of it as an all day vape, and I know I wouldn’t make it on 1200mah. The new 2500mah 18650’s might help with the regular Hana.

I wonder a bit about the specs listed from Hana Modz, Evolv states in their datasheet that the DNA30 has a minimum atomizer resistance of .5 Ohms, Hana Modz lists it at .3.

Here is what they say about it:

DNA30 Specs:                          Minimum               Typical                        Max

Output Power                            7 Watts                                                   30 Watts
Output Voltage                          4 Volts                                                     8.3 Volts
Output Current                                                                                         10 Amps
Atomizer Resistance                  .3 Ohms                 1.5 Ohms                3.3 Ohms
Input Voltage                             3.2 Volts                  3.7 Volts                  4.3 Volts
Input Current                             1.5 Amps                 6.0 Amps                7 Amps
Efficiency                                                                   94%

LENGTH: 1.94″
HEIGHT: 3.43″

You can preorder yours here: https://shop.ssvape.com/newest/hana-modz-v3-regular-590.html

You can read the specs from Hana here: http://www.hanamodz.com/pack-v3-specs-1.html


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