The Origen V2 RDA Preorder available $105

The Origen dripper is one of the most popular RDAs out right now. The first rendition of the RDA pretty much sold out across the board, and after the recent cloning, the V2 has been announced. Nagynorbi who makes the Origen doesn’t have much information available about their company or their product online. The V2 is expected to arrive at vendors sometime between the 17th and 22nd of February.

noticeably shorter than its predecessor

Noticeably shorter than its predecessor

I think fans will love this new version. The first Origen was such a hit, this one is sure to be a success. The most noticeable change between the V1 and the V2 is the significant size change. By shortening the RDA the chamber is reduced as well. The cloud chasers love a small chamber on their RDA to maximize flavor, reduce condensation and to enhance vapor production. I should also mention that the (optional $17) drip tip has changed as well, and as someone who favors shorty tips, I think it looks excellent.

The famous dish

The famous dish

The V2 also has some big changes inside the chamber as well. The first thing I noticed is the center post has changed from brass to stainless steel. A lot of vapers are concerned about vaping off of brass due to its questionable composition and small chance that it can contain lead. In case you prefer brass, a replacement pin is available for $8. The well has also been changed, now the RDA features a common well, so the bottom is open across both wicks now. This will make the RDA easier to manage, as well as increase the juice capacity.

New laser engraving to improve performance

New laser engraving to improve performance

I guess I can’t talk about the changes without at least mentioning the new laser engraving around the 510 connector. Well now you get a serial number and some fancy penmanship to complete your vaping experience.

The first preorder is available here:

Other vendors are bound to open preorders soon, Ultramist has made a listing, but are not yet taking orders.


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