The EHPro Valkyrie Hybrid RDA Clone $54

Here’s another small discount to bring down the price on probably the hottest hybrid RDA clone to come out yet. The Valkyrie Hybrid RDA brought a new sleek style to the world of hybrid RDAs. There have been other hybrids to enter the market recently around the same price tag, but none of them look this sharp. The original Valkyrie from Vicious Ant has a shaky record. There are numerous reports of outstanding orders, and it is believed to all stem from a faulty switch. I’ve been told that fixing the design has pushed back the production and left many people waiting. I’ve also heard mixed results from owners, some have the issue and others are perfect. This clone from EHPro is supposed to have resolved the issue at the time of its release.

Bald and beautiful.

Bald and beautiful.

This version that is being offered has the logos omitted from the mod. I know this will make some vapers happy, and leave others looking for a 1:1 clone. I still think it looks excellent, albeit slightly lacking detail.

Not much to report on here.

Not much to report on here.

Everything looks pretty standard inside the cap. There’s two o-rings to hold the cap in place. The dish has a very small lip and contains 3 drilled posts. An allen wrench will not be required for the post screws, these are a standard Phillips. The cap allows for adjustable air flow control with an nice and wide slot on the side.

Bare bottom button, that's not easy to say

Bare bottom button, that’s not easy to say

With all the new concept RDA’s hitting the market, the standard 3 post design remains a favorite in the dripper community. One of the design features that I really like is the 18650 only battery tube. I constantly argue that making a hybrid rebuildable atomizer is dangerous in 18350 mode and the kind of people that want a pocket RDA probably will try to push the low ohms, or want to at some point. I use all of my RDAs with 18650’s only, sure I have some RBAs that I use in stealth mode like the Kayfun, but those are usually single coils.

Use coupon code Reddit10 and get yours here:



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