Coming Soon Copper Mod by Da Iron Mod Clone

Tobeco hasn’t taken the whole holiday off. Apparently they are still at work cloning the quality mods out there. The latest mod they cloned is The Copper Mod by Da Iron Mod. Tobeco is always very quick to clone the popular mechanical mods. They don’t always make the best clones out there, but they usually have the first. Copper mods have been the latest craze and it looks like China is going to start rolling some out besides the Nemesis.

1:1 Clone right down to the button

1:1 Clone right down to the button

Besides being made of surgical quality copper, “The Copper” has some nice touches to the design. I love when a mod uses solid battery tubes instead of extenders. I hate when I want to change batteries and have to start playing the guessing game as to which tube will let me use a 18650. The button on this mod is very nice as well. Da Iron Mod made the button recessed into the frame so this mod will stand upright without a wobble. This also helps prevent accidental firing on the mod. Recessed buttons tend to make a mod longer than it needs to be, but this is designed with a short throw, so it might not be ridiculously tall.

Here's the line up

Here’s the line up

There aren’t any real details about this clone posted yet, but here are some specs from the original:

  • Constructed from medical grade copper (except battery contacts)
  • locking ring bottom switch
  • Battery vent holes
  • 510 connection
  • Adjustable battery and atomiser contacts
  • Spare set of copper adjustable contacts

This clone is coming soon and I will post more details as they become available.




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