Presenting The Dreadnaut Mod by Tactical Workz $240

I always thought it was supposed to be spelled Dreadnought, but who knows maybe this is a reference to a Canadian metal band. Either way Tactical Workz has been, hard at work and is bringing us a new mod with their loud and industrial style. In case you are not familiar with Tactical Workz, they are the guys who brought us the Maraxus, the Lotus RDA and their designs are always loud and unique. Their latest mod, “The Dreadnaut” certainly won’t disappoint fans.

It's ribbed for your pleasure.

It’s ribbed for your pleasure.

The specs on this mod are real foggy so far, I’m not sure if they meant to spell it that way, and I have suspicions about the diameter. This mod was shown to use a 26650 battery. The specs list the mod at 25mm. When dealing with the batteries meant for vaping, the first two digits refer to the battery diameter. That means this mod is 25mm wide and uses a 26mm battery. I’m sure the details will be cleaned up soon, but 26650 mechs are making a big presence now and I thought this deserved a mention.

That's a nice spin on the classic bottom switch.

That’s a nice spin on the classic bottom switch.

The pins are stated to be copper in this mod. Copper usually performs great under tests for voltage drop, so that is a good sign. This mod will also be able to equip its own dual (quad?) coil hybrid atomizer.

Mind the quality, but that RDA looks fancy

Mind the quality, but that RDA looks fancy

You can get yours here:



7 thoughts on “Presenting The Dreadnaut Mod by Tactical Workz $240

  1. Kary

    Hey man, I played around with one. They have options for pure copper, or silver plated brass contacts. They have amazing battery life. Even running quad coils the still preform great. It doesn’t heat up as I suspected it to. It’s one of the best mods on the market as far as metalwork, design, and quality

    1. Vineyard Vapes Post author

      Thanks for the good info! Just be careful when using quad coils and a 26650, gotta make sure the battery has a safe discharge rate for the coil. I be that mod is pretty solid, and might be the heftiest 26650 mod yet. Personally I’d probably take pure copper contacts since I’d want to be able to polish them without ruining the finish.

    1. new_world_orphan

      Yes a sunglass bag like the one that comes with oakleys should suit this monster with ease šŸ™‚ it should have come with a bag though suited to it though.


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