HCigar Copper Nemesis Clone $49.99, Other Versions $29.99

I’m really trying to ease myself off the Nemesis news, but it ain’t easy. 101vape now has the Nemesis clones and they aren’t holding anything back in selection. The Nemesis clone is probably the most popular mechanical mod of the past 6 months, and there are plenty of reasons why.

That's a pretty penny

That’s a pretty penny

I’ve been using the Nemesis clones since they first hit the market, and have already accumulated 3 so far, this might have to be my 4th. The steel version gives a nice flush and even look to most atomizers. The brass version has a beautiful golden shine when polished or you can let it tarnish for a rugged and heavy look. The copper one will make you smell like a toll booth operator and doubles as a lightning rod. Well you can clean it, but copper is even denser than brass so this is one hefty mod.

Two tones of style

Two tones of style

There hasn’t been so much news in the world of clones lately. The Chinese New Year has been in full swing and this has delayed new releases for the past couple of weeks. 101vape is taking full advantage of this and is making the right moves with the mods everyone wants.


The ever popular original

The ever popular original

What makes the Nemesis clone so good? It has silver plated pins for a very low voltage drop. The top cap is vented and has a no nonsense silver plated pin. The button can be adjusted from squishy to rigid. The tubes allow any 18000 series battery, and can take a kick. For anyone looking to get started with mechanical mods I always suggest the Nemesis first. As far as mechanical mods go, this one leaves out the guess work and provides an excellent vape. To top it all off, these are HCigar, who have established themselves as the premier producer of the clones.

Get yours here: http://101vape.com/mechanical-mods/233-nemesis-clone-by-hcigar-copper.html


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