Presenting The Atmomixani Nemi $178

Finally it has arrived, and it is currently in stock. What can I say that hasn’t already been said about the Nemesis mod, except this is the Nemi! In the days of emerging 26650 mods Atmomixani are slimming down the most popular mod out there and coming out with a slick new 14500 Nemesis. 14500 mods have been emerging all over the place with the Bagua, the Simplicity, the Slimzy, and now we can add the Nemi to that list.

Gotta love the gold on silver, instant classic

Gotta love the gold on silver, instant classic

To call this mod a battery holder would be a shame. It is so much more than that. The Nemi brings back the silver coated contacts that made the Nemesis a hit. In fact the Nemi is almost exactly like the Nemesis except the obvious.

Back to the old logo!

Back to the old logo!

One of the first things I noticed was the resurgence of the old logo. Personally I prefer the old train to the new more animated looking one. Now you might be wondering why there is an extension tube here. Without a 14mm kick this can only be for one thing, the 14650. The 14650 has specs more inline with the 18350 battery. The ones I’ve found have a 4a continuous discharge and 950mah capacity. This would be much better for RBA fans because 14500’s are only really safe til 1.2 ohms and this has roughly 50% more capacity. I keep anything with a 4a discharge at or above .9 ohms, 14650 batteries definitely aren’t for cloud chasers.

For scale

For scale

I love the design of the Nemi and I hope Atmomixani doesn’t hesitate on a 26650 version, only what would they call it?

Get yours here:



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