The Youde Igo-M $45, Now Available

The next RBA to be released by Youde will be the Igo-M. Youde provides us with many inexpensive RBA’s, and as of late have been making designs in favor of dual and multi-coils. This particular atomizer is already available for preorder, but I think there might be a bit of price gouging going on here, unless it is the most expensive RBA Youde has made to date.

It says designed in USA... I don't believe them

Designed in the USA! Made in China.

What we have here looks like the the love child of an Igo-W and a Helios atomizer. Honestly I am not really sold on the design just yet. I would definitely say it won’t get the $45 (price jump) out of my pocket that one retailer is setting the price at. There’s a few things I don’t really appreciate about the design here. Some vapers like using allen wrenches for their RBA, they say it doesn’t strip as easily as the alternatives, I would prefer the alternatives. There is also a rather large chamber with no “juice well.” I have been starting to favor the newer designs with the recessed juice well and minimized chamber. The 510 pin is not adjustable. The threading on the 510 connector just looks weird, I’m not sure if that will be fixed by the time it releases, but I’m not sure what the gap in the threading is for. The air intake is right at deck height, I can just imagine the leaking. Overall I think I would opt for a Helios.

This looks like the airiest draw I've seen

This looks like the airiest draw I’ve seen

In case this atomizer does appeal to you I will provide a link for the product, it says it ships 1/29. I believe this is a very high price that should almost drop in half as other retailers stock this new RDA.


18 thoughts on “The Youde Igo-M $45, Now Available

    1. Vineyard Vapes Post author

      Thanks for the info, I just think that $45 is very high for a Youde Igo product considering that is roughly twice the price of any of their other atomizers. Hopefully they can bring their manufacturing costs down and make the atomizer more affordable in the future. Good luck with the store, seems like you guys got an exclusive RDA on your hands right now, that should really drive traffic.

  1. Ray Lopez

    You seem to be spreading lots of hate and lies in your “review” of a product you’ve not seen in person nor used. If you want to see a review on the product by myself who has the device and tested it out for 4 days watch my video. Killer device, and by far the best RDA in the IGO line of mods. Also it was designed by Magbay who is out of The City of Industry in Southern California. Get your facts straight before you put a product or website on blast.

    1. Vineyard Vapes Post author

      Woah buddy, I do not run a site on the principle of “spreading hate and lies.” These are just my opinions on products, and sometimes they aren’t inline with what everyone else is thinking. I actively edit and correct my articles to try and keep them as accurate as possible, whilst maintaining a non biased outlook. I apologize, I mistakenly said the product may not have been designed in USA and I will correct that.

      On the other hand the RDA is still expensive for an Igo and I don’t think anyone would argue that. I spend my own hard earned money on these devices so I might express my reluctance to buy something. Sorry about removing the video link, I am not here to promote sponsored reviews. Good luck with your reviews, and thanks for reading.

  2. Josh

    Lolz, bet them two guys know each other…. As a consumer, I definitely tend to agree with Vineyard on his ‘opinions’ about this. As for fact checking for country of origin, IDGAF. Only a manufacturer or butthurt vendor would.

    Close to $50 for a Youde atty is pretty ridiculous anyways. It was nice having a company with middle prices between clone and high end, but if they keep trying to reach deeper into my pockets then I will just dismiss them

    1. Ray Lopez

      Yes we know each other and that is why I was able to get my hands on this product before it was officially released to the public. But I do not work for him nor would I make up lies on my reviews. I was excited about the product but had the same worries as most of you had on it (price, huge top cap, huge holes on the drip well walls, flooding, ease of building) But after receiving it I started testing out all those worries. I spent a few days with it building multiple coils, trying to flood it to see how easy it would leak, comparing it to the other Youde products I have, researching as much info as I could before I passed judgement. This is the best RDA Youde has put out hands down in my opinion. As a consumer you are agreeing with a reviewer who has not even seen this RDA in person. How can you agree with someone who has never touched it or seen one in person??? I do not understand that at all.
      At 39.99 (pre-sale) or even 44 since there are only a handful of the original 500 left that is in the lower middle ground of RDA. The high end RDA’s are well over $100 and the low end RDA (like the IGO-W’s) are in the 10 to 25 dollar range. By dismissing a solid product like the new IGO-M you are dismissing the best IGO that has come out to date.

  3. Brian

    F them VV, love how you call em like you see em. Don’t sell out and become a pitch man blindly hocking these peoples crap like a certain Smoe…

    100% agree this needs a reduced chamber

    1. Ray Lopez

      This does have a reduced chamber. The top 1/4 of the RDA is solid SS. I’m not blindly hocking this item. I own this item and have tested it out with multiple build, tried flooding it to see if it would leak, and have used it non stop since I got my hands on it. What VV is doing is blindly misleading consumers by never touching, seeing, or using the product. That is not the right way to review an item in my opinion. In doing this he has misinterpreted the item. That is why I came on here to give my review on said RDA because I own it and use it and love it.

  4. Ray Lopez

    Yea I know Jim from the broke smoker, I do not work for the broke smoker, and no I would never lie in my reviews (I’m 100% honest and.if it’s a bad product I’ll tell the viewer that even if it was given to me for free) nor would I make a review on a product i’ve never touched, seen, or used like VV did. To say $40 for a limited edition (500 made) first run RDA is horribly expensive is crazy talk. Jim was being 100% honest by claiming that the wholesale price was $25 bucks per unit….now take into the fact he has shipping cost and back end expenses to cover and yes shocking he would like to make a profit as well. I dare you to go out and find this at a Brick and Mortar store for less. Or have the store tell you how much they paid for the item.
    This is not a clone, this was designed and sold in the USA by Magbay in Southern California. Just because it was manufactured by Youde and shares the IGO name does not mean it needs to be cheap. How much is a Helios? How much is a Patriot? Find a comparable RDA (non clone) the has the same features (22mm, full SS construction,4 post holes, adjustable airflow, and designed in America, and limited run) at a lower price. Funny you would take my video down when I made a full hands on review showing all the features and just told people where I got it from (Just like you added the link to his website) Only difference is I used it, built on it, and had it for days before I made my review. I understand these are just your opinions but you are passing judgment on a product you have never seen let alone used. I don;t get how you can pass judgment on a product you’ve never used. Just seems odd to me is all. I just needed to tell it like it is seeing as I was one of the first reviewers to get my hands on this RDA I am Personally love it, and think it’s worth every penny that it cost…if this did not share the IGO name and came out as something different from a company that sells high priced items people wouldn’t even blink an eye at paying 80+ bucks for it.
    As a fellow reviewer I would highly suggest using a product before you pass judgement on it. Not doing so is just misleading to the consumer and can possibly steer them away from using a really well made product.

  5. Josh

    Send him one if you are so worried about it.

    Seriously getting waaayyy too butthurt over someone’s observation. Keyword – Observation

    He didnt categorize this as a review. He speculated on first impressions based on images. Thats obvious to anyone who comes here to see what new products are out.

    People do 3 things at a site like this:
    Look at Pic
    Look at Price
    Click Link or Move On

    If you’ve had increased hits on your site… THANK THE MAN AND MOVE ALONG

  6. Jim

    I’m just gonna disregard all the stuff up ^^^^^ up there. except the Vineyard Vape post. I agree its an oddly expensive, I have my assumptions as to why but the truth is I don’t really know. Having said that thanks for the post man, I appreciate it. I think there may be another run of these at some point in the future (limited again), but I think we are a ways off from having them again. They are a really nice piece either way.

    1. Jeff

      That’s too bad, really wanted to get my hands on one of these. Seen Ray’s review looked nice and $45 for adjustable air flow doesn’t seem out of line.

  7. Josh

    What I took from this:

    I did a review.
    Did you know Im a reviewer?
    I make videos about vape gear.
    I put it on YouTube like 1,000 other people.
    Did you watch my video?
    Im a reviewer
    I’m a reviewer
    Did I mention Im a reviewer.

  8. mitters

    Yeah that is to bad, I’d like to pick one up also. I don’t get hung up on who makes a product or what their products usually cost. What I see is a 22mm atty with large adjustable air holes and it seems to be built with a little more craftsmanship than your average UD atomizer. What I really like is the split center post, for me at least this is the style deck I prefer. Now with that said I would also rather see a regular screw than the allen head screws but that seems to be the UD standard. I look forward to picking one of these up and won’t have a problem with a 40-45$ price tag. I won’t however pay the 59.99 and 69.99$ price that they are already popping up on ebay for.

  9. Jeff Hughes

    I bought one, and have put several builds on it. It is a pain to build on, and is not kind to over drippers. The construction is rock solid, and the top cap is reduced quite a bit (hard to see in the pictures), but I feel the hex screws to be annoying, and the AFC feels “upside down” for lack of better words. Overall, I don’t regret buying it (at $39.99), and will pass it along for friends to play with. In it’s current configuration, it is just “OK”. It would be a whole lot better as a 3pc dripper. The inner AFC wall is in the way, and should be removable.

  10. Jason Dunn

    Jesus Christ, it sounds like that guy needs a sand removal procedure! Read the whole ARTICLE and you’ll realize that it’s just that, an article not a review. Specifically stating that very fact several times. I agree with josh like I do with a lot of other things, CHILL THE FUCK OUT! Seeing some jackass be an ignorant hypocrite and make an ass out of himself is always wonderful entertainment, so please, keep it up! Look everybody, now I’m a reviewer too!

  11. DCXX



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