Custom Taifun GS Clone $28.99

Here is an interesting twist on a slow weekend. The Taifun GS usually runs for $21-$25 from most of the Chinese suppliers. Now an popular US retailer 101vape, has stocked up on their own custom edition of a tried and truly good RBA. The Taifun GS is the mini version of the popular Taifun rebuildable atomizer. Mini rebuildable atomizers have their place in the market, because they pair up nicely with Ego’s or 14500 mods, even some box mods tend to favor them.

A steel tank for a change

A steel tank for a change

Usually a clone is exactly like the original, or tries to be. This one might be a 1:1 clone but the supplier decided to put their name on it where you would normally find the Taifun logo. This might also be the first Taifun GS available from a US vendor. The steel tank is included with the purchase, they say it is for dripping mode, I’m not really sure how that will be easier than the plastic tank, but at least you get both.

serial numbers enhance the vape

serial numbers enhance the vape

There are no specs provided, but I’d assume this falls in line with its predecessors. That means a capacity around 2.7-3ml which is rather high for a mini atomizer. Nice knurling around the seams for easy removal and the signature drip tip. Before getting all wrapped up in shrinking your RBA with a 14500 battery mod, please familiarize yourself with the limitations of 14500 batteries.

Get yours here:


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