Youde Igo W-2 $21.99

Here is one of the quad post RDAs that I know some people have been waiting for, The Igo W-2 from Youde. I don’t know how many times I can call a different RDA unique in a week, but I’m too lazy to get a thesaurus. I called it a quad-post atomizer, but there are really 4 negative posts and 1 fat positive stump in the middle.

The well seems a bit shallow

The well seems a bit shallow

The design of this RDA concerns me a bit. First I’ll address the juice well, if I could find one. The nice and wide air flow controls are a smidge above the floor of the dish. This leads me to believe that anything not absorbed by the wick will be running down your wrist. This is the second quad coil RDA that Youde has recently released and I believe they are just stuffing more posts in the same old dish, without giving the rest of the design enough consideration. When you look at the hot RDA’s right now; the Magma, the 3D, the Origen, they all have deep juice wells. Another design that is also being faded out is the posts with holes for mounting. Most RDAs are leaning towards fat screws with knurling for tool-less mounting, but that doesn’t seem to be the case here.

Looks unfinished to me for some reason

Looks unfinished to me for some reason

I hate being negative about a new product, but I did recently get my Igo-W3 and it really didn’t impress me. I don’t think that Youde looked to improve their products, but rather just decided to jack up their offerings. Don’t get me wrong, I bet if you took the time to properly mount a quad coil here and got the wick just right, this could give a great vape. Just I wouldn’t recommend this to a new user. I’m sure this product will be a hot seller regardless of my opinion.

Get yours here:


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